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Hi, and welcome to the McDermott Pool Cues Guide and Fan Site. My point with this site is pretty simple. I want to share my love for McDermott cues with everybody else who has an appreciation for them. That means showcasing the best deals and prices that are available on the Internet, as well as providing all of the information that you need to help make a decision.

Why do I love McDermott Pool Cues so much? Bottom line, McDermott billiard cues shoot excellently, they hold up for a really long time and they are designed to look and feel great. All McDermott pool cues are handcrafted, which is something I definitely enjoy and I'm sure all of you cue aficionados do as well.

I'll be putting up lots of information about all of the McDermott pool cue series', as well as other assorted information about various cues and all things McDermott. Hopefully I'll be able to get something up about each and every series of McDermott cues. I'll try to explain the technology behind a McDermott pool cue and why they stand out from some other models and brands.

As mentioned, I will also be trying to help everybody find some good deals on cheap McDermott cues. I've separated the listings by price, so you can go directly to the price range you can afford. I've also separated out the McDermott billiards cue listings by series, model and more.

Plus, besides information on current McDermott cues we also have information and great, cheap prices on McDermott shafts, retired and vintage McDermott billiards cues and more. So please take a look around and see if we can help you out.

Also, feel free to use the search function to find a specific cue or series. You can search by:

  • Series
  • Model Number
  • Cue Name
  • Feature

These listings are always changing, so please check back in often if you are keeping an eye out for a specific model or are trying to catch an especially good deal. We'll be adding more store pages in the future as well, so stay tuned for updates.

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If I manage to leave something out that you feel deserves a mention, then please let me know. I'm also happy to help you find out information about a particular McDermott cue that you own or used to own.

Most of all I want everybody to enjoy the information here on the McDermott Pool Cues Guide & Fan Site. It's our mission to be a complete resource jam packed with useful information, and tohelp you find a cheap price on any of the McDermott cues you've been searching for.