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  • Prestige Series
    The limited edition McDermott Prestige Series cues. The best pool cues money can buy. Classy, artistic and hand crafted pool sticks.
  • Elite Series
    The McDermott Elite Series features some of the best pool cues in the world. Intricately designed and hand crafted from the finest materials.
  • Professional Series
    The McDermott Professional Series features many standout pool sticks. These high quality pool sticks include the Lucky 7, Indian Gecko, African Gecko and come with the G-Core shaft.
  • Tournament Series
    The McDermott Tournament Series collection of pool cues offers affordable and stylish pool cues for everyday use around your home or your local billiards.
  • Competitor Series
    The McDermott Competitor Series of pool cues is a fantastic combination of affordability and high quality, with sticks costing less than $200.
  • Special Series & Editions, Shafts & Retired Cues
    Find everything you need to know on vintage McDermott cues, special editions and models, McDermott Shafts and more.
  •  Cue of the Year 2008
    Check out the McDermott 2008 Cue of the Year, a special edition pool cue from McDermott. Only 50 of the 2008 Cue of the Year were produced.
  •  Cue of the Year 2009
    Find information on the 2009 McDermott cue of the year, the M99A and the M99B from the Elite Series.
  •  Recently Retired Sticks
    There are several recently retired McDermott cue series which should not yet be classified as vintage, but are not currently manufactured.
  •  Vintage McDermott Lines
    There is a wide range of McDermott collector cues today. The vintage McDermott lines still play great and have appreciated in value a great deal, from the first MR series to the D series and more.
  •  Limited Editions
    There have been many McDermott special edition series and collectible cues released over the last several decades which have increased in value and made for great collectibles.
  •  Star Original Cues
    The Star Original Pool Cue series is a separate brand of cues produced by McDermott. They are affordable pool cues and designed to be accurate.
  •  Star Performance Cues
    The Star Performance Cues line is a separate brand that is produced by McDermott. Is one series of the Star Cues brand, with the Star Original Cues being the other. These cues are unique and uniformly designed with a Native American influence.
  •  Cues of the Month
    The McDermott Cues of the Month series showcases a new cue every month. Reasonably priced and excellently designed, these special edition cues are made for the loyal McDermott fans.
  •  Cues of the World
    McDermott cues features the McDermott Cues of the World collection, with different nations featured. The sticks have the country's name, flag and colors.
  •  House Cues
    McDermott house cues are cheap pool cues for your home billiards room or game room. Cheap pool sticks in different sizes for all people and room spaces.
  • McDermott Pool Cues
    The distinguishing qualities of McDermott pool cues include hand selected woods and hand craftsmanship, with extra attention to detail and design.
  • Handcrafted Pool Cues
    What makes a high quality handcrafted pool cue different from other cues? Handcrafted pool cues are not just going to look better, but feel better and play better.
  • History of McDermott Cues
    McDermott pool cues have been manufactured for over thirty years. See the history of McDermott cues and their fine quality.
  • Billiards Videos
    A collection of videos containing billiards trick shots, the best pool trick shotsvideos about how to make a pool cue and other pool and billiards clips.
  • About Us
    Here at the McDermott Pool Cues Guide & Fan Site we are dedicated to providing the best information on everything related to McDermott cue sticks.
  • Contact Us
    Have a suggestion, comment, or question about the McDermott pool cues fan site? Get in contact with us here.
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  • All McDermott Pool Cues
    Cheap McDermott pool cues and discount McDermott pool sticks. Find McDermott cues, McDermott billiards, McDermott shafts, collector cues and more.
  • McDermott Cues by Series
    Search through all of our cheap McDermott billiard cues and sticks for sale here. Look by series and model to find exactly what you're looking for.
  •  Competitor Series Cues
    Find all of the McDermott Competitor Series cues for sale. Great prices, savings and discounts on every McDermott Competitor Series cue.
  •   Alpha Cues
    Find a huge selection of cheap McDermott Alpha, Alpha II and Alpha Plus cues from the Competitor Series for sale.
  •   Genesis Cues
    Find all of the McDermott Genesis Cues and Super Genesis cues for sale at discount prices here.
  •   Tempo Cues
    Find cheap McDermott Tempo pool cues for sale from the Competitor series. Discounts on McDermott billiard cues.
  •   Velocity Cues
    Find a full selection of McDermott Velocity cues and Velocity Plus cues at cheap, discount prices.
  •   Vintage M71C
    Pick up a fantastic looking McDermott Vintage M71C pool cue at a great, cheap price. Discount McDermott vintage cues for sale.
  •  Dr. Cue Series
    The McDermott Dr. Cue Collection has several very unique collector cues. Designed with Dr. Cue, Tom Rossman, these McDermott cues stand out and perform excellently.
  •  Evo Soft Touch Grip Cues
    The McDermott Evo Soft Touch Grip cue features brand new technology to provide the best grip for pool cues on the market. Buy McDermott Evo cues here.
  •  Graphite Cues
    Find deals on cheap McDermott graphite cues. New McDermott graphite pool cues available at discount prices.
  •  Harley Davidson Cues
    Find a full selection of McDermott Harley Davidson Cues for sale. The McDermott HD Series included many special and unique cues made for Harley.
  •  Jack Daniels Cues
    There have been several McDermott Jack Daniels pool cues released. Find information, cheap prices and more here.
  •  Legends Series
    Find McDermott Legends Series pool cues for sale, including the Marilyn Monroe pool cue and the Elvis Presley pool cue.
  •  Lucky Pool Cues
    McDermott Lucky Performance cues are the cheapest cues available from McDermott. They offer a significant boost in quality, style and performance over standard house cues.
  •  McDermott Massey Cues
    The McDermott Mike Massey Series, or M2 Tour/Player series consists mostly of dark and black designs, and utilizes the G-Core shaft.
  •  Sledgehammer Jump Break
    The McDermott Sledgehammer Jump Break cue is designed to help completely transfer power while maintaining accuracy on break shots and jumps.
  •  Star Original and Star Performance
    Find cheap McDermott Star Performance and McDermott Star Original Cues for sale here. Find the cheapest McDermott pool cues.
  •  Stinger Jump Break
    The McDermott Stinger Jump Break cue has several technical specifications that provide more control, increased power and greater flexibility than average pool cues.
  •  Wild Fire Cues
    The McDermott Wild Fire series of pool cues utilizes fantastic new technology to produce realistic images and depiction of animals, nature and Native American culture.
  • McDermott Cues by Model or Feature
    Find McDermott billiard cues or sale by model, name or feature, for example find McDermott gecko cues or McDermott Genesis cues.
  •  Gecko Cues
    Find all of the available McDermott gecko cues for sale. There have been many widely popular gecko pool cues made by McDermott.
  • McDermott Cues by Price
    Find discount McDermott pool cues for sale and search for the McDermott cues you want by price.
  •  Cues Under $100
    The best cheap pool cues, McDermott pool cues can be both affordable and high quality. A McDermott cheap pool cue is a great investment.
  •  Cues Between $100-$300
    Discount McDermott pool cues including the McDermott Tournament Series, Wildfire Series and Competitor Series cues. All discount pool cues from McDermott.
  •  Cues Between $300-$500
    Find a huge selection of discount McDermott billiards cues on sale for between $300 and $500. McDermott cues on sale from all of their popular series.
  •  Cues Between $500-$750
    Find the best pool cues from McDermott including the Professional Series and collector cues from the Elite Series.
  •  Cues Between $750-$1000
    Find a complete listing of McDermott Collector cues for sale, Elite series cues and limited edition pool sticks at good prices.
  •  Cues Over $1000
    Limited edition McDermott pool cues. The McDermott Prestige series, McDermott Elite Series and McDermott Cue of the Year for sale, the best pool cues and collector cues available.
  • McDermott Shafts
    There are two types of McDermott shafts for sale, the McDermott I Shaft or Intimidator and the McDermott G-Core Shaft.
  •  G-Core Shaft
    The McDermott G-Core shaft comes standard with many McDermott cues, but you can buy replacements and discount McDermott G-Core shafts here.
  •  Intimidator I-Shaft
    Buy McDermott Intimidator I-Shafts at great discount prices, including all three models of the McDermott Intimidator I-Shaft.
  • Pool Cue Cases
    Find the best pool cue cases to keep your McDermott pool cues safe and secure.
  •  All Cue Cases
    Find the best billiard cue cases along with a wide selection of leather pool cue cases that are cheap and will protect your investment.
  •  Leather Pool Cue Cases
    Leather pool cue cases never go out of style and will perfectly accommodate your style and the protection of your cue.
  •  McDermott Cue Cases
    Find all of the available McDermott pool cue cases for sale. Cheap prices on full selections of McDermott billiards cases.