Billiards Videos

Trick Shot Videos

Rube Goldberg Style Pool Trick Shot

This one isn't so much of an actual billiards trick shot as it is a gadget set up to perform a series of actions. But it's still fun to watch! It's one of those Rube Goldberg things, where one specific action sets of a sequence of others.

Pendulum Pool Trick Shot

Here is a really neat video of a billiards trick shot. It's called the pendulum, and the guy shoots six balls into alternate pockets while a rack is swinging like a pendulum. He jumps the balls through the rack and into the far corners.

Tons of Trick Shots

Wow this guy creates a ton of different trick shots in this video. It's a longer video, over 8 minutes, but it's worth it. Really, a ton of different trick shots and most of them are pretty unique and creative.

Two Table Trick Shot

Have you ever seen a billiards trick shot involving a guy jumping the cue ball from one table to another and then sinking a ball into every pocket? Well, here you go.

Mike Massey Billiards Shots

Well, this is a site about McDermott cues, so I figured I should give some love to some Mike Massey trick shots. Here is a video with six different Mike Massey trick shots. My favorites are the ones at about 35 seconds in and the one at about 1:15 in.

Dominoes Billiards Trick

This video shows an intense pool trick involving three or four different tables. The guy just takes one shot, and then the ball starts off a sequence of dominoes. The dominoes unload an entire rack of balls and the last remaining one rolls across a pool stick to the next table, also set up with dominoes.

Slow Motion Billiards Shots

This is a really unique video clip. They have super slow motion and close up shots here. One really zoomed in one of a cue stick striking the ball, you see the chalk fly off and it's really cool. Another one has some kind of heat camera which shows the force and energy of the shots. Very cool clip.

Chop Sticks Trick Shot

In this video clip, the guy uses two cue sticks at once like a pair of chopsticks. He picks up the cue ball with the tips of the two sticks, and then rolls it down them to make in his shots. An interesting spin on a trick shot.

The Untouchable

This guy calls his trick shot the untouchable. Basically he has I think two complete racks of balls spread around the table. The table is pretty densely packed, and he maneuvers the cue ball, hitting 5 walls to get in a ball without touching any of the other balls lying on the table.

The Dunk

This is a video from the same guy as above, Vincent Facquet. This one he calls the dunk shot. Instead of a typical bank shot, he launches a ball off the close wall, it goes flying in the air directly into the pocket you would bank it into normally.

Machine Gun Trick Shot

This is pretty incredible, because it's just a kid taking the shot. You're probably familiar with the machine gun billiards shot concept. You line up a series of balls next to each other, slowly hit the cue ball into a pocket and then in rapid succession shoot all of the balls into the same pocket before the cue ball gets there. This kid is extremely fast!

Instructional & Educational Videos

Dr. Cue on Choosing a Pool Cue

Dr. Cue has his own line of McDermott cues, so who better to listen to about how to choose a pool stick to him? Some basic advice as he points out different features on a few cues.

How to Make a Pool Cue

This video takes a look at the Falcon pool cues factory. You can see how they make their pool cues including the machines they use and other special techniques. Also a brief history about the game of pool and pool cues in general. It won't show you the handcrafted secrets of McDermott, but it is a fun watch!

Dr. Cue Teaching Stop Shots

Another turn here with Dr. Cue, the master. Here he has a great, quick and easy to follow instructional video about learning how to shoot stop shots. You can easily improve your game taking the advice and instructions of Dr. Cue.