McDermott Alpha Pool Cues from the Competitor Series

One of the widespread model names in the McDermott competitor series is the McDermott Alpha pool cue. Actually, there are two slightly different versions, the McDermott Alpha Plus and the McDermott Alpha II, both of which are available in a few different color and style choices.


As of now there are two separate McDermott Alpha II pool cues. The first is the Alpha II American Cherry C110. The entire cue is stained a solid cherry wood color. The second is the Alpha II Natural Walnut C100, which has a very light, natural walnut color to it.

There are four different Alpha Plus pool cues in the Competitor Series right now. They are the Alpha Plus Nighthawk Black C157, Alpha Plus Colorado Red C155, Alpha Plus Dark English C253 and the Alpha Plus Pacific Blue C251.

Besides stains and colors, all of these cues are exactly the same, with the Alpha Plus cues being just slightly more expensive, due to the brightly colored stains as opposed to the wood stains. All feature black butt caps and five coats of high-luster urethane over the sticks to prevent fading, scratches and other damage.

Additionally, all of the Alpha cues are made from North American Hard Rock Maple and feature the McDermott Impact Control Ring for improved touch, feel, performance and consistency.

So take a look above at the different styles and selections of McDermott Alpha pool cues for sale, they are extremely affordable and are great for players in the beginner to intermediate range.