McDermott Tempo Pool Cues for Sale

The McDermott Tempo pool cues are members of the Competitor Series. there are three separate Tempo cues from McDermott, and they all carry the same features and the same price tag. Recommended price is $169 but commonly you'll find them for between $115 an $130.

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As members of the Competitor Series, these cues come with certain features that all of the other cues in the lineup do as well. For example, they all come with the McDermott Impact Control Ring which improves touch, feel and consistency while shooting.

They also all come with 5 layers of high-luster urethane protective coating, which will ensure your new cue doesn't get scratched or busted up in any way. The Competitor Series is all made from North American hard rock maple as well.

The three McDermott Tempo pool cues are the M91D Tempo Black, M91E Tempo Red and M91F Tempo Dark English. All three cues feature an Irish linen wrap.

On the cues you'll find three checkerboard index rings, one on each side of the joint and one above the butt cap. These have a German brass ring at each side, so there are 6 German brass rings in total.

These are very affordable McDermott pool cues that still manage to provide a lot of style and class. They are simple but they look great, and they will hold up amazingly well to the elements and normal stresses of use. Plus, they will even improve your game play. So search above for some of our available cheap McDermott Tempo pool cues.