McDermott Velocity Cues & Velocity Plus Cues for Sale

The McDermott Velocity and Velocity Plus cues are members of the Competitor Series. They are actually the cheapest models in that series, with recommended prices currently at $139 or $149, but with models retailing more commonly at $120 or less. Browse below for cheap McDermott Velocity cues and more information on the series.

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Like all members of the Competitor Series, the McDermott Velocity cues have a few distinguishing features. They are made from North American Hard Rock Maple and they all feature the McDermott Impact Control Ring for improved consistency and feel at the table.

On the otherwise black butt cap and joints of the Velocity cues, you'll find naturally stained maple inlays in a ring. They are all coated with 5 layers of high-luster urethane to provide maximum protection against scratches and dings, as well as color fading and other wear and tear.

The only difference between the Velocity cues from McDermott and the Velocity Plus cues is that the Velocity Plus cues come with an Irish linen wrap. The standard Velocity cues have no wrap included.

The different cues in the lineup are:

  • Velocity Blue M61H
  • Velocity Plus Blue M61E
  • Velocity Black 61G
  • Velocity Plus Black 61D
  • Velocity Plus American Cherry 61F

Take a look above to find some great, cheap prices on McDermott Velocity cues and McDermott Velocity Plus cues. Both are great introductions into the McDermot family and will showcase simple and clean style while providing improved play.