McDermott Vintage M71C Pool Cue for Sale

The McDermott Vintage M71C pool cue is the top of the line in the Competitor Series. It's fantastic looking and because it doesn't come in an entire lineup of different color schemes, it's much more unique and has a very different feel to it. Valued at $199, you can often find the McDermott M71C Vintage pool cue on sale for about $150 or $160.

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As mentioned above, the McDermott M71C Vintage pool cue is a member of the Competitor Series and therefore shares common characteristics with all of those other sticks. It's made from North American hard rock maple and has 5 layers of protective high-luster urethane coating.

For performance, it features the McDermott Impact Control Ring which reduces vibrations and therefore improves touch, consistency, feel and all-around shot making.

Now onto the good stuff, the McDermott M71C pool cue has a great look, feel and style to it. It features a black and brown Irish linen wrap and four overlay black points on the forearm. The points feature a symmetrical design composed of triangles of various sizes, each one having a duplicate black piece a duplicate piece of the natural male color.

On the stick you'll find 3 Italian pearl rings, one on each side of the joint and one on top of the butt cap as well. Each of those pearl rings has a German brass ring on both sides, equaling a total of 6 German brass rings on the cue.

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