McDermott Gecko Cues for Sale

Over the years there have been many popular McDermott gecko cues for sale. It has become one of their signature features, and they have been made in various different styles, colors and types. They have also fallen into different lines and price ranges. Browse below to find McDermott gecko pool cues for sale and to read more information about these popular sticks.

McDermott M54A Pool Cue

McDermott M54A Pool Cue

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Two of the recently produced McDermott gecko cues have been the African Gecko M54A and the Indian Gecko M54B. Both are in the professional series and feature the G-core shaft.

The African Gecko from McDermott has a black gecko on the sleeve and the forearm made from ebony inlays. The cue is made from West African Zebrawood.

Sticking with that theme, the Indian Gecko cue from McDermott features East Indian Rosewood with a turquoise-green gecko inlay made from recon stone on the forearm and sleeve. They are two very distinct looks, and both are popular today.

In 2006 the very rare Ivory Gecko was produced. That was an ebony pool cue with ivory gecko inlays. The geckos had red eyes and the cue was very distinctive. There have also been models called the Spalted Gecko, Green Gecko, Pearl Gecko and the Black Gecko.

So hopefully you know a little bit more about McDermott gecko pool cues know. Additionally, we hope that you can take advantage of some of the great cheap deals and discounts that are available above to bring home your own McDermott gecko cue today.