Cheap Pool Cues from McDermott

McDermott pool cues are known to be some of the best pool cues that you can find; however, did you know they also have a huge selection of cheap pool cues? You don't have to settle for a less worthy brand, you can still get McDermott quality, craftsmanship and design for an extremely low price. Just how cheap is a cheap pool cue? How about less than $100!

Cheap McDermott Pool Cues

To begin with, McDermott makes a series of house cues that are extremely cheap and affordable. They are much sturdier and play excellently compared to the cheap house cues of other manufacturers.

An added bonus is that they combine in a variety of different sizes. Therefore, you can stock up on house cues for your kids of different ages for your game room. Or if you're short on space, you can buy smaller sticks so you won't bang into your wall every time you take a shot.

But McDermott also has top level cues that you can find for less than $100. Many of these cues come from the Competitor Series. The McDermott Competitor Series has a handful of different base models, and then customizes those in different color schemes and looks. Therefore, you'll be able to find a cheap pool cue that really fits your style.

The different cheap pool cue models in the Competitor Series include the Genesis, Alpha II, Alpha Plus, Tempo and Velocity. As mentioned, they all come in a variety of colors so you really have a great selection in terms of the look of the cue itself.

There are also cheap McDermott cues from the Star Performance, Star Original, Lucky Performance and Graphite lines. All of these have different features, but you'll find that there is truly something for everybody from McDermott.

And because they are from McDermott, you know you are still getting a cue that's going to stand up to the test of time. For example, even these cheap cues from McDermott come with five coatings of high luster urethane to keep the cue surface scratch resistant. That's getting a lot of bang for your buck!

You may also consider buying a used McDermott pool cue. Because they are such high quality, even a used pool cue from McDermott can perform better than some other new models. Or maybe you're just looking for McDermott shafts to add onto the cue you already own. McDermott shafts can be attached to many other brands and will raise your level of game play.

When you're in the market for a cheap pool cue, don't just buy any brand. Turn to a trusted brand that produces high quality and has pool cues that play great, feel great and look great. McDermott pool cues fit that description, and you'll never find a better cheap pool cue out there.