McDermott Collector Cues, Limited Edition Cues & Special Edition Cues

The best pool cues on the market today are the upper echelon McDermott cues. These pool sticks aren't just designed beautifully. They are handcrafted, and undergo a rigorous construction and material gathering and honing process. Collector cues from McDermott will go up in value quickly and will last for an indefinite amount of time.

McDermott Cue of the Year 2018 G1911 enhanced #13 of 50

McDermott Cue of the Year 2018 G1911 enhanced #13 of 50

Price: $1,999.00
Time Left: 15h 37m
McDermott Cue of the Year 2018 G1308 #3 of 100

McDermott Cue of the Year 2018 G1308  #3 of 100

Price: $1,399.00
Time Left: 15h 53m

Collector Cues on Sale from McDermott Cues

McDermott makes many different collector cues and limited edition cues. Their top level cues are the Prestige Series. The Prestige Cues have just several different models, and their price is in the thousands of dollars.

If you can find a good deal on one of these, you should jump on it right away. Right now you'll find the Prestige II, Prestige III, Prestige IV and Masterpiece 1 in the Prestige Series.

After the Prestige Series, other McDermott collector cues include the Elite Series. The Elite Cues have more options than their Prestige counterparts. They are still intricately designed, and include the absolute best materials you can find. Handcrafted with beautiful inlays, exquisite, handpicked woods and artistic designs, McDermott collector cues are bar none the best around.

Included in the Elite Series is the McDermott Cue of the Year. The Cue of the Year is a specially designed, extremely limited edition cue that McDermott selects from their finest materials. It's one of the most sought after limited edition pool sticks on the market today.

The 2009 McDermott Cue of the Year is the M99B for the special edition, and the M99A for the complete release edition. The 2008 McDermott Cue of the Year was the M89A.

Another special edition pool cue from McDermott is the Cue for the Cure M88B. This cue, featuring pink inlays, has a portion of its proceeds from every sale go directly to research for breast cancer prevention and treatment. Other cues in this series include the M88A El Diablo, M29 Sexton, M29A Knight and M29B Bridgeport.

As mentioned, McDermott collector cues skyrocket in value. They are built utilizing the best technology available, which means they will never deteriorate and they will play true for as long as you desire. All of these McDermott collector cues include the McDermott Intimidator I-Shaft, which will help your game in ways you couldn't imagine compared to standard shaft.

They look great, they feel great and they will improve your performance down at the billiards hall. These special edition sticks are truly the best pool cues in the world.

When you're looking for the best McDermott pool cues and you're willing to pay a price to get them, then this is the place for you. The finest, rarest and most exotic woods and inlay materials. Amazingly intricate designs, the McDermott I-Shaft for performance and more. Find the best deals on collector cues and limited edition sticks from McDermott here.