McDermott Collector Cues & Elite Series Cues

So you want one of the best pool cues available, and you've heard that McDermott pool cues just might be it. You want to impress your buddies, and maybe some of the ladies down at the local pool hall. You want to improve your game in the process, buying a stick that doesn't just look great, but actually helps you play better. And you want to do it all without completely obliterating your budget. Is it possible?

McDermott H-Series Cues H851

McDermott H-Series Cues H851

Price: $819.00
Time Left: 23h 53m

Best Pool Cues from McDermott Between $750 and $1,000

Yes, you can get the pool stick of your dreams without destroying your bank account permanently. McDermott Cues has an extensive line of collector cues, known as their Elite Series, which break the mold of what people have expected out of their billiards equipment in the past.

The Elite Series combines innovative technologies, handcrafting skills and the finest materials available to produce the best pool cues. Utilizing either the I-Shaft or the G-Core shaft depending on the original listing price, McDermott Elite Cues will actually improve your game. You will have a straighter cue, that's more consistent and delivers increased touch, feel, power and accuracy.

All of that, and McDermott Elite Cues are investments as well. Meaning, these collector cues are going to increase in value tremendously over a relatively short period of time. That's due to their high demand, limited releases and the top notch craftsmanship, technologies and materials used.

McDermott also releases cues from their Private Reserve, and other special edition cues, such as vintage cues from the past that are being re-released in small quantities. Vintage pool cues like these are hard to come by and really show you know what you're doing.

Depending on your price limits, you may find that some McDermott Prestige Series cues are within your grasp as well. These are ultra limited, tiny release cues that feature near impossibly intricate and exquisite designs, inlays and materials.

If you're looking for the best pool cues you can find, and want high quality, unique and beautiful collector cues, then McDermott pool cues are for you.
Browse our collection of McDermott billiard cues on sale between $750 and $1,000 above, you'll find something that is absolutely fantastic looking and plays like a dream.