Discount McDermott Pool Cues Between $100 and $300

McDermott cues offers a wide selection of high quality pool sticks that you can buy for just several hundred dollars. Because they're from McDermott, you know you are getting excellent quality and a brand name you can trust. And because they are such cheap pool cues, you'll never have to worry about feeling guilty for buying one, or not being able to afford one to begin with. (Continued below).

mcdermott 2 piece cue with new tip and ferrule

mcdermott 2 piece cue with new tip and ferrule

Price: $150.00
Time Left: 14h 36m
mcdermott pool cue

mcdermott pool cue

Price: $122.54
Time Left: 15h 14m

Discount Pool Cues from McDermott

So what kind of discount pool cues are available from McDermott? To begin with, there is the McDermott Tournament Series. The Tournament Series encompasses roughly 20 different pool sticks, all of which will appeal to many different billiards players and aficionados.

Some of the popular cheap pool cues from the Tournament series are the Tacoma, the Super Pearl and the Heartbreaker II. One of my favorites is the Hustler, which is designed to look like a normal house cue and fool the opposition.

The Lil Guy II features the famous elfish McDermott mascot adorned on the cue. Other discount pool cues from this line feature various animals, such as the Panther, the White Wolf and the Eagle. The cheapest Tournament Series cue has a shockingly low retail value of about $200, and that is the Raider.

Other discount pool cues from McDermott include the Competitor Series. The Competitor Series has the cheapest pool cues that maintain the highest level of quality amongst any billiards brand out there. They are durable and sturdy, and they play great, feel great and look great. Some of the popular models here include the Tempo, the Alpha II, the Alpha Plus, the Genesis, the Super Genesis and the Velocity. All come in multiple colors.

Don't forget about the Wildfire Series either. The Wildfire Series of discount pool cues from McDermott is new, and features cutting edge technology that burns realistic and artistic drawings onto the cue's wood. The cue is left with a natural wood color and an amazingly detailed image. The designs feature nature and animals and draw from a strong Native American inspiration.

All of these discount pool cues from McDermott offer excellent values and fantastic quality, for a price you'll never have to regret.