McDermott Billiards Cues on Sale Between $300 and $500

On this page you'll start seeing some of the truly special McDermott billiards cues that have made the company so famous and well liked over the years. Between $300 and $500 you'll find McDermott cues on sale primarily from the Professional Series. These cues include the G-Core shaft, which provides a great boost to performance.

McDermott Stinger NG05 Break Jump Package

McDermott Stinger NG05 Break Jump Package

Price: $333.00
Time Left: 34m

The majority of the McDermott cues that you'll find for sale between $300 and $500 will be from the professional series. This is a diverse line of beautifully crafted cues, that as mentioned, includes the G-Core shaft for added performance, consistency, touch and accuracy.

McDermott gecko cues are also available in this price, including currently the Indian Gecko M54B and African Gecko M54A. Similarly you can find the Spalted Dart Frag M85B for sale in this range as well.

Two of the very popular cues in this range are the McDermott Dubliner M72A and Red Dubliner M85G. Many of the cues also carry Southwestern designs and names, such as the Arizona M33F, New Mexico M85D Tuscon II M63C and Tuscon M43A. Two more popular cues in this price range from McDermott are the D26 Retro M65C and the Lucky 7 M7Q3.

Cues between $300 and $500 from McDermott really start to kick things up in terms of the materials used and the quality and aesthetics of the designs. For example, the Lucky 7 mentioned above includes a total of 45 inlays and 10 German brass rings. The wood is a ruby-red stained birdseye maple and ebony and ivory inlays make up dice found on both the sleeve and the forum.

In this range you'll also find some McDermott cues that are used or from retired lines and are being resold. These provide a great value and if they are in good condition are generally a great investment as well.

When you're looking for great McDermott design quality, fine materials and great performance, then McDermott cues between $300 and $500 will be a great bet. Mainly from the Professional Series, a McDermott billiards cue in this price range will provide many benefits without completely tearing apart your budget.