McDermott Pool Cues for Sale - Professional Series & Elite Series

The McDermott Professional Series and McDermott Elite series both provide many different things for a billiards player. You get the utmost design and artistic brilliance, featuring the finest materials and the best hand craftsmanship. You also get innovate technology and features that make these pool cues some of the best pool cues to play with. Whether looking for a collector cue or an affordable everyday pool cue, McDermott cues has you covered. (Continued below).

McDermott Select Series Cues SL6

McDermott Select Series Cues SL6

Price: $693.00
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High Quality McDermott Billiards Cues for Sale Between $500 and $750

The McDermott Professional Series offers a wide range of different styles and designs, and incorporates many different fine materials. To begin with, all of the Professional Series cues come with the McDermott shaft called the G-Core Shaft. This reduces vibrations and increases consistency, accuracy, touch and feel.

The upper level McDermott Professional Cues may end up costing between $500 and $600, but there are also many cheaper cues that are more accessible for any level of pool player. That's the great thing, that you get such an extreme level of quality and consistency delivered for such a low price. The McDermott Professional Series cues are a great value.

From cocobolo to rosewood to North American hard rock maple, many different woods are used in the professional series. You can get a stick to match any style, and all will perform to your highest expectations. Cues from the McDermott Professional Series are some of the most popular pool cues available right now.

Some of the most popular Professional Series cues from McDermott include the gecko series, the Rose, the Dubliner and the D-26 Retro. The D-26 Retro is a vintage cue that is from the Thomas Engert Collection in the Tour/Player series, and is modeled after the original D-26 pool cue from many years ago.

In this price range though you will also be able to find some of the McDermott Elite Series cues. McDermott Elite Series cues are true collector cues, featuring dozens of inlays and all around hand crafted excellence.

Much of the McDermott Elite Series is priced above $750, but you'll find that some of their cues work into this price range. For example you should be able to find the Bridgeport C, Navigator II, Fortress, Envy and Valiant in this section.

There's no reason why you cannot get supreme quality with a price that you can stomach without worry. The collector cues from the McDermott Elite Series, as well as the excellent cues from the Professional series make fine entrants into any collection and will never disappoint in play, style or feel.

So take a look above at some of the great deals and discounts that we have available on McDermott cues between $500 and $750. You'll find great performance and amazing style, just what McDermott cues are all about.