McDermott Legends Series Pool Cues for Sale - Marilyn Monroe & Elvis

The Legends series by McDermott was short lived but very popular. There were only two models of cues ever produced in this series, and the production only lasted for about a year, starting in 1993 and ending in 1994.

Both of the two cues are exactly the same except for who they showcase. They are all black cues, including black wraps and black bumper caps. The sleeve features a closeup head shot of the person, and the forearm features a full length body painting of the star.

The McDermott LGD-1 is the Elvis Presley Cue. The King is on the forearm and sleeve, along with some gold musical notes wrapping around the forearm as well.

The McDermott LGD-2 is the Marilyn Monroe Cue. The starlet is wearing a long, shiny red dress and is standing on top of a bright yellow star.

Both of these cues were originally released with a suggested price of a little bit less than $300. The McDermott pool cues company estimates them to now have appreciated about 50% in value, with the McDermott Elvis cue rising to $455 in value and the McDermott Monroe cue rising to $435. In actuality, the prices you will find could be substantially cheaper or even slightly more expensive.

So take a look above to see if we have any McDermott Legends Series cues available for sale!