McDermott Lucky Performance Cue Sticks

McDermott currently produces a lineup of cues under the Lucky Cues brand known as McDermott Lucky Performance Cues. These are the cheapest available cues made by McDermott and make for great entry level sticks. Whether you are looking for a step up above a standard house cue in either quality, play or design, the Lucky Performance series offers up many affordable options.



Price: $49.99
Time Left: 21h 6m

Lucky Performance Cue Features

The Lucky Performance line is designed to provide a boost in your game over using a standard, flimsy cue. These are made to offer a more solid hit, a superior feel and improved control and accuracy. These sticks are also made with precision craftsmanship which means they are going to last for a longer amount of time and stay in better condition than other similarly priced cues.

The Lucky pool cues come with either an Irish linen wrapping or a nylon wrapping. The shaft will be made from North American Grade A maple, ensuring its quality and strength.

They feature a wood to wood joint and the interchangeable weight system. The Lucky cues come with a leather tip and stainless steel joint collars and butt plates.

The sleeves and forearms are designed featuring four or six color overlays finished with a durable and bright polyurethane finish. This really helps to make them stand out from the other cues that people walk around with around the local billiards hall.

A few of the cues that stand out in this line are the Lucky Performance Karma which features dice on the sleeve and the Lucky Performance Wizard which has a wizard on the forearm. The Monte Carlo is another favorite, with a bright red sleeve with an intricate black and white overlay.

All together there are 24 total Lucky Performance cues currently. They range in price from about $40 to about $100. The entire line is:

  • Caution
  • Crusader
  • Clover
  • Fortune
  • Hurricane
  • Identity
  • Irish
  • Karma
  • Mojo
  • Monte Carlo
  • Quantum
  • Seven
  • Strike
  • Thirteen
  • Tornado
  • Tsunami
  • Vegas
  • Venus
  • Vintage - Blue, Red, Natural Walnut
  • Wizard
  • Zenith

Also included are 1 piece house cues that sell for about $25. These are the LH18 McDermott 1 piece house cues.

If you're looking for a cheap McDermott pool cue that is going to take your game up a level and make you stand out a bit, these are solid entry level choices. They are great to learn the game and hone your skills while you're still developing and while you're low on cash.

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