McDermott Dr. Cue Collection Series

The McDermott Dr. Cue Collection of pool sticks is a special offering from the folks at McDermott Pool Cues. Designed with Dr. Cue himself, Tom Rossman, one of the world's leading billiards trick shot artists.

As with all McDermott pool cues, the Dr. Cue series features the G-Core shaft for cues priced at over $300. The series ranges from just under $300 as a suggested price to over $700, although actual prices can be substantially less. Every stick has the G-Core shaft except for the Dr. Cue Original. There are six different pool cues in the Dr. Cue Collection.


Dr. Cue Collection from McDermott Pool Cues


Dr. Cue Original: The Dr. Cue Original has the classic Dr. Cue logo on the sleeve, which is Dr. Cue getting his stick ready for some action. It features an authentic Irish linen sleeve of solid black. It's made from North American hard rock maple and has a Natural Walnut stain.


Dr. Cue Ambassador: The Dr. Cue Ambassador is one of the most unique pool sticks you're going to find anywhere. The shaft is made from North American hard rock maple and the sleeve is Black Onyx ceramic. What makes it unique are the designs, which feature neon colorations and planets, depicting a trippy space scene. The wrap is black Irish linen with blue speckles.


Dr. Cue Table Trotter: The Dr. Cue Table Trotter is also made from North American hard rock maple. The wood is stained a light American Cherry color. The wrap is Irish linen, black with white interlaced. The sleeve and the forearm features a blue and white ball. On the sleeve the balls lead to black and red points.


Dr. Cue Professional: The Dr. Cue Professional has a lizard embossed, top grain, black leather wrap. With recon ebony and red inlays, the Dr. Cue Professional has a very dark and sleek feel to it. It also features European nickel silver rings and ebony points on the forearm.


Dr. Cue Classique: The Dr. Cue Classique is a really fantastic looking custom pool cue. It features a lizard embossed, top grain, black leather wrap. The sleeve is stained a deep, rich brownish reddish color and features a geometrical point design with a red, ebony and ivory color. The forearm combines those same colors, shapes and patterns into points with intricately designed inlays.


Dr. Cue Masterpiece: The upper echelon of the Dr. Cue Collection, the Dr. Cue Masterpiece is truly stylish and unique. It features a black leather, lizard embossed, top grain wrap. Made from North American hard rock maple, the Dr. Cue Masterpiece has European nickel silver rings and recon ebony and ivory points and inlays. This pool stick definitely says that you know your way around a billiards hall, and has carefully designed inlays that give it a unique feel that's both classy and flashy.


As you can see the McDermott Dr. Cue collection has some very interesting sticks. Please take a look above at some of the great, low prices that we have available on all of the McDermott billiard cues from Dr. Cue.