McDermott Evo Soft Touch Grip Cues The Evo Soft Grip Cue from McDermott

What is the Evo Soft Grip from McDermott Cues? The Evo Soft Grip Cue is a specially designed cue that is infused with several great new technologies that enable it to provide superior grip and therefore superior performance. Using one will enhance your feel, your control and your accuracy while you're honing your craft down at the billiards hall.

How does the Evo Soft Touch Grip Cue Work?

This special pool cue grip from McDermott works through advanced new micro technologies, and specifically, SmartMicro Nano Technology. What this means is that there are refinements being made on a tiny scale to the structure of molecules. How tiny are we talking about?

Well, imagine a thread of your hair. That's about as thin of an object that the human eye can readily see and distinguish. A nanometer, the size of space being worked with in with micro nano technologies is one billionth of one meter. In other words, it is 1/80,000th of the width of a human hair.

So what can be done to simple particles at this level? While using a special material that McDermott calls the "X-12 Material" nano technology can be deployed to essentially fill in the gaps between fibers of the material. So where there would normally be open spaces (albeit infinitely tiny open spaces), there is instead additional reinforcement filling up all of those many, tiny gaps.

The result is a denser material. It's a denser material that absorbs vibrations better and the Evo Soft Touch Grip cue also makes the pool stick less slippery. With better grip and more feel, your shots will be more accurate, and you'll never have to worry about making a costly mistake due to slippage. You'll also be able to make better adjustments as you play.

McDermott quotes the following statistics: they say that the Evo Soft Grip cue has 60% more shock absorption than a normal pool cue, while deploying 35% more slip resistance. Those are significant increases that will add significant performance to your game.

Using one of these sticks from McDermott cues will give you an advantage, and you'll stand out as an innovator, because these sticks are still not common. And that's what McDermott is, an innovator. They consistently stay ahead of the competition and constantly strive to come up with new technologies to improve the way you play, and enjoy playing, the game of pool.

Most importantly though, when using the McDermott Soft Touch Grip cue, you can rest assured that you have the best technology in the world helping you to shoot stick as best as you can. So browse above for some of the available deals and discounts that we have available on McDermott Evo cues.