McDermott Graphite Pool Cues

In an effort to appeal to an ever growing fan base, McDermott has created and released a full line of graphite pool cues. The McDermott graphite cues combine all of the precision craftsmanship that you've come to know and love from McDermott, but of course with an entirely different approach, using graphite composites instead of wood. The cues range in price from $80 to $140, but as usual can be found for cheaper.

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McDermott Graphite Cues Features

All of the McDermott graphite pool cues are made from a graphite composite that's specially designed to be as durable and strong as possible. They are water resistant and completely warp proof, which means you don't have to worry about ever replacing these or experiencing a drop in performance because of them.

The graphite pool cues from McDermott all come with stainless steel collars, with nickel silver rings above and below. They come with Le Pro tips and feature a 10 inch pro taper on the shaft. Depending on which model you purchase, you'll either get a titanium ferrule or a stainless steel and graphite composite ferrule.

McDermott Graphite Pool Cues Models

At the time of this writing there are 7 different cheap graphite pool cues made by McDermott. Starting with the most expensive, they are the Graphite 41 (GR41), Graphite 40 (GR 40), Graphite 30 (GR30), Graphite 21 (GR21), Graphite 20 (GR20), Graphite 11 (GR11) and Graphite 10 (GR10).

All of the sticks feature different designs, with the GR40 and the GR41 looking the most "McDermott like", with some naturally stained designs.

So please take a look above at some of the great deals available on cheap McDermott graphite cues. They combine McDermott quality with graphite, creating an entirely new breed of durable and high performance cues. The best part of a McDermott graphite pool cue is the discount price, which can't be beat.