McDermott Harley Davidson Pool Cues - The HD Series

Over a period of about 20 years, there have been about 25 individual McDermott Harley Davidson cues produced and released. All of these fall into the McDermott HD series and were officially licensed Harley Davidson products. Some went into full production, and others were special limited edition releases.

Mcdermott Harley Davidson HD2 Cue

Mcdermott Harley Davidson HD2 Cue

Price: $499.00
Time Left: 4d 22h 42m

The first three McDermott Harley pool cues, the HD1 The Classic, HD2 The Script and HD3 The Eagle were released in 1988 and were then retired in 1990. As discussed below, these have soared in value since their retirement.

In 1992, another 4 McDermott Harley Davidson cues came out, the HD4, HD5, HD6 and HD7. They were only made until 1993. Finally in 1999 McDermott unleashed there more in the HD series, the HD8, M8HD-2 and the M8HD-3 Fire.

After that the rest of the remaining McDermott Harley pool cues were released one or a few at a time, including special editions like the HD22 100th Anniversary Harley pool cue and a yearly limited edition cue from 1999 until 2005, featuring fine, exotic woods and fancy inlay points and materials.

One thing to definitely keep in mind with the McDermott Harley Davidson series is that many of these pool cues appreciated in price a great deal. Likely, they will continue to do so, therefore picking up one in mint condition can be a solid investment.

The first McDermott Harley cues released in 1988 appreciated in value as much as 300%, making the HD2 and HD3 worth more than $1,000 today.

If you're interested in purchasing a McDermott Harley Davidson pool cue from the HD series then please take a look above. You'll find a wide selection, and all of them are great combinations representing the excellence of both the McDermott and Harley Davidson brands.