McDermott Jack Daniels Pool Cues

In 2007, there were 2 McDermott Jack Daniels pool cues released. These cues fell into the special JD series from McDermott, and immediately became highly sought after collector's items. See below for more information on the McDermott JD Series and some available deals and discounts that we have available.

McDermott Jack Daniels Whisky Pool Cue Stick JD15

McDermott Jack Daniels Whisky Pool Cue Stick JD15

Price: $360.00
Time Left: 2d 18h 58m

The first of the two McDermott Jack Daniels cues is the McDermott JD04, "McDermott Jack Daniels Ol' No 7" pool cue. This is a standout pool cue featuring a black Irish linen wrap with white speckling. The sleeve is black, and on it you'll find the recognizable label from a bottle of Jack Daniels!

On the forearm is a 6 color lithograph image featuring a head shot portrait of Jack Daniels. The colors on the forearm bleed from a light orange all the way up into black. This cue will cost about $300 to $400 usually.

The second option is the real masterpiece, the McDermott JD30, "McDermott Jack Daniels Collectors" pool cue. This is a fantastic cue made from exotic Bolivian rosewood or Morada wood.

There are four Michigan Maple points on the forearm, constituting a total of 40 separate inlays. There are also Michigan Maple inlays on the sleeve, where you'll find beautiful antique bronze Old No 7 Medallions.

There are 74 total inlays, and you'll also find 10 German brass rings. Jack Daniels is written across the metallic joint, and the wrap is embossed top grain leather with the Jack Daniels logo. This is an extremely intricate and carefully designed cue, with a list price of close to $1,100. You can find it between $800 and $900 however in most cases.

The two McDermott Jack Daniels cues are highly sought after and are very popular. The JD04 is much more modest and the JD30 is a collector's item with many exotic design features and materials.

Both epitomize perfectly what Mcdermott and Jack Daniels are all about, the highest quality and a passion for their product. Hopefully you can find a deal above on one of the McDermott Jack Daniels cues that you're interested in.