McDermott Mike Massey Pool Cues

From the McDermott Tour/Player Series comes the McDermott Mike Massey cues in the M2 series. Massey is a phenomenal player in many disciplines but is undoubtedly most famous for his trick shots and other billiards feats. But the McDermott Massey M2 Series is nothing to laugh about. Take a look below for some cheap, bargain prices as well as more information on Mike Massey McDermott pool sticks.

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There are seven exquisitely designed, unique, pool cues in the Mike Massey M2 Series of pool sticks. All come standard with the McDermott G-Core Shaft, which has been statistically proven to enhance your stability and control. It utilizes a special triple layer core of wood, carbon fiber and wood to minimize vibrations, add improved feel and strength the shaft.

All of the cues also use a top-grain, lizard embossed black leather wrap. Taking a page from Massey's own style, if you like wearing a lot of black, any of these cues will make the perfect addition to your style and look. Of course, they play excellently as well.

The series has suggested prices of between $300 and $900. Starting with the least expensive of the McDermott Massey series cues, here is the entire Mike Massey M2 Series:

Massey Rocket: The Massey Rocket is handcrafted from North American hard rock maple. It has a smooth, sleek experience with a Black Onyx Spies Hecker paint covering; a paint normally reserved for car refinishing. Complementing the black are five West African zebrawood index rings and 10 German brass rings.

Massey Master: The Massey Master is constructed from Central American cocobolo wood, which is an exotic and fine rosewood. It has a rich and deep brown color. In addition, the long floating points that accentuate the design are made from Michigan maple. There are eight cocobolo and maple index rings on the sleeve and four German brass rings.

Massey Enigma: Featuring American Cherry stained Birdseye maple, the Massey Enigma has an almost rustic feel to it. The sleeve features 24 ruby red and recon ivory dice inlays. The red dice is in mid bounce. All together there are 44 inlays and four European nickel silver rings. The forearm features four ruby red, recon ebony and ivory points.

Massey Magician: The Massey Magician is also made from Cocobolo. This stick though really takes the design up a few notches. It features a total of 75 inlays and has six European nickel silver rings. There are four Alaskan abalone inlays in a diamond shape which play excellently off the rich color of the cocobolo. There are also four recon ebony and ivory points. Combined, all of the white provides a great color scheme along with the deep browns and blacks for a very appealing pool cue.

Massey Mystic: The Massey Mystic utilizes Natural Walnut stained Birdseye maple in the forearm. The sleeve is actually a high impact, ebony ceramic featuring 20 Mother of Pearl inlays. All together, the Massey Mystic has 64 total inlays and six European nickel silver rings. In addition, there are six recon ebony points and six Mother of Pearl notched diamonds on the forearm. The light wood and the ebony ceramic provide a stark contrast but manage to flow into each other exceedingly well.

Massey Artisan: With Natural Walnut stained Birdseye maple on the forearm, the Massey Artisan is a great looking pool stick. 64 total inlays, including 20 Mother of Pearl inlays on the ebony ceramic sleeve. The forearm has six recon ebony points and six Mother of Pearl notched diamonds. The forearm also has hints of blue, red and green.

Massey Champion: The Massey Champion is the top of the line in the McDermott Massey Series of pool cues. The Massey Champion is made from West African ebony. The sleeve has 80 inlays, including red dice in mid bounce. All together, the cue has 160 inlays and features 10 European nickel silver rings. The forearm also has four recon ebony and ivory points. All black and highlighted with shooting red and white, this is a pool cue that will set you apart from anybody else in the crowd.

So please feel free to take a look above at some of the cheap prices we have on Mike Massey McDermott billiards cues. You'll love the stylish, authentic designs and of course the improved performance as well.