McDermott Sledgehammer Jump Break Cues for Sale

The McDermott Sledgehammer Jump Break series is designed to provide maximum power while retaining maximum control. It's one of the McDermott billiards cues forays into the world of break cues and jump break cues. Browse below for more information along with some great deals.

McDermott Sledgehammer Jump Break Cues - Benefits and Features

When you think of a sledgehammer, the first things to come to mind are assuredly power and strength. The McDermott sledgehammer cue is designed to displace the force of a strike throughout the length of the shaft. The result is a more powerful break shot, and an increased ability to jump the cue ball with properly placed shots.

The McDermott Sledgehammer Jump Break Cue is actually a three piece cue. It has wood to wood joints, one from the forearm to the shaft and another connecting the upper and lower shaft pieces. This triple piece design helps provide the raw power, while maintaining the accuracy of your shots.

It uses what is known as a special jump joint insert as described. The jump joint has a brass insert, which adds stability and strength to the shaft. The joints use a 3/8 by 10 aluminum pin to also strength and add force at both the shaft and butt connection. There isn't much give or bending when you launch a shot with this cue. You'll feel the full impact of your shots, and you can sit back and watch the balls scatter across the table.

The smooth and complete transfer of power is one of the selling points of this McDermott Sledgehammer Jump Break cue. The Sledgehammer Jump Break cue from McDermott uses a 13 millimeter one piece phenolic tip and ferrule combination. The wide tip helps to maintain your accuracy and transfer the power through the shaft.

But McDermott cues are known for more than their reliability and great performance. What would one of their cues be without options for you to choose from, and without superior and eye catching design? Therefore, there are three different McDermott Sledgehammer cues currently available.

The first features an all black forearm and shaft and does not utilize any wrap. The second features the same black forearm but has an added Irish Linen wrap. The wrap is black with white interlaced. The third features Birdseye maple and a solid black leather wrap.

If you're looking for a more specialized cue stick, then the McDermott Sledgehammer may be what you're looking for. You will add power to your game but you won't lose any control. What you're left with is a more versatile arsenal to help you down at the billiards hall, and the McDermott Sledgehammer will never disappoint.