McDermott Stinger Jump Break Cues Stinger Pool Cues

The Stinger Jump Break line of cues from the McDermott family of brands features a special design that enables you to have a broader and easier control of the cue ball. This is accomplished in several different ways. Both make you a more accurate shooter and actually will help you to jump the ball easier. Your breaks will also be stronger, harder and be placed exactly where you want them to be.


McDermott Stinger Cues Features & Benefits

The easier jumping and the superior breaks explain the Jump Break portion of the name. So where does the Stinger come from? Well, these cues are specially designed with a "stinger". The stinger extends inside the shaft of the cue from the tip, through the ferrule and then further into the center of the shaft.

What this does is transfer the force of the shot's impact through the entire pool cue. You can thereby better control and react to the force of the hit, which will be precisely and easily controlled to your specifications.

The Stinger Jump Break pool cue features a second design specification that enables you to be much more accurate while shooting stick down at the hall. With the stinger extending down into the shaft, the tip becomes less important as a means of controlling and directing the energy of your strikes. Translated into English, the tip of your cue can be flatter, rather than rounded or pointed.

Because of this, you have a much larger area on the cue in which you can properly hit the ball and still control it to its maximum capability. The Stinger cues therefore offer a huge "sweet spot". You'll see that even on those shots when you feel like you misplayed the cue ball, the Stinger cue delivers a precise, accurate and measured shot.

Additionally, the Stinger pool cues actually are three piece cues. Above the forearm, the stick attaches to the center shaft. That center shaft piece then connects to an upper shaft cue, which gives three separate components.

Currently, there are three different Stinger cues from McDermott. The three models are the Stinger NG01, the Stinger NG02 and the Stinger NG03. All three feature the same technology and specifications. The difference lies in the wood used to construct the cue and the overall design elements.

The Stinger NG01 is the cheapest, with a suggested price under $200. The NG02 has a suggested price of roughly $275, and the NG03 has a suggested price of just under $400.

The Stinger Jump Break pool cue from McDermott provides additional control, power and usability. The Stinger cues will allow you to perform shots and maneuvers you never knew you could, and even your misses will be on target.

Feel free to take a look above at some of the deals we have on McDermott Stinger cues for sale. The McDermott NG Stinger billiard cues provide many benefits and make your game much more versatile.