McDermott WildFire Cues for Sale

The McDermott Wild Fire Series has been making some noise recently. This exciting new series of sticks from McDermott currently showcases eight different cues. Each of these cues utilizes new technology and techniques designed to produce authentic, realistic images and designs. Take a look below for cheap prices on these McDermott billiards cues, as well as more information about the entire series.


The designs aren't painted on or pasted on the cues. Rather, McDermott uses what they call "Advanced Wood Burning Technology", 3D image carving and 360 degree rotational cutting techniques to produce excellent graphics and artwork. It's a technology only performed by McDermott, as they once again stay ahead of the curve and provide ground breaking new pool cues and innovation that raises the industry standard.


The entire series draws its inspiration from nature, and most specifically, from the Native American tribes that connected so well with their environment and continue to inspire and teach new generations and cultures. McDermott never has shied away from animals and nature as sources of inspiration for their sticks, and once again they produce more fine examples of such craftsmanship and beauty.


All of the McDermott Wild Fire cues are made with North American hard rock maple. They use wood on wood joints and all have Irish Linen wraps. The trademark McDermott four leaf clover is adorned in flames on the forearm of every stick. The suggested retail price of these is generally between $200 and $230.


The McDermott Wild Fire Series Cues


Wild Fire Dream Catcher: The Wild Fire Dream Catcher plays off the now popular dream catcher, which is supposed to bring in good dreams and keep bad dreams away. The sleeve features an eagle head and a bull head in a sort of circular net. The forearm has a feather on top of an eagle claw. The Irish Linen wrap is red with white interlaced.


Wild Fire Eagle Spirit: The Wild Fire Eagle Spirit has several eagle head images on the sleeve. The Irish Linen wrap is white with red speckles. There is a sharp eagle claw going down the side of the forearm, with a Native American design going vertically above it and providing several points.


Wild Fire Great Wolf: The sleeve of the Wild Fire Great Wolf has a standing, staring wolf that seems to be on the prowl. Featuring a black and brown Irish Linen Wrap, the forearm shows four different wolf heads. The upper most head is a howling wolf, with head completely tilted back.


Wild Fire Lasso: The Wild Fire Lasso has a cowboy holding on with one hand atop of a bucking horse on the sleeve. The forearm features several different symbols, which include a hanging lasso, and a bull's head. The Irish Linen wrap is brown with black speckles.


Wild Fire Lion Heart: The Wild Fire Lion Heart has a lion with a flowing mane depicted on the sleeve. The wrap is black with dark brown mixed in. The forearm features another powerful picture of a lion.


Wild Fire Trail of Tears: The Wild Fire Trail of Tears is a touching and dramatic pool cue paying homage to the suffering of the Cherokee tribe. The forearm features a crying Cherokee, head titled back with a wolf head directly above, titled back and howling. The sleeve features a depiction of a Trail of Tears scene, and the wrap is black with brown interlaced.


Wild Fire Dead Man's Hand: The Wild fire Dead Man's Hand cue has a hand of poker cards on the sleeve with the skull of a bull. On the forearm is a winding skeleton of a snake. The wrap is black and brown and the dark imagery really stands out.


Wild Fire Buffalo Hunt: The Wild Fire Buffalo Hunt cue features a white wrap with brown specks. On the sleeve is a Native American in a kind of headdress surrounded by buffalo. The forearm features an intricate design with an arrow, a knife and a buffalo skull.


The entire McDermott Wild Fire Series is truly unique and each offers a fantastic blend of realism and a genuine bond with nature and the Native American culture. So please take a look above to find some great deals on McDermott Wild Fire billiard cues.