McDermott Star Performance & Star Original Cues for Sale

When you're looking for cheap McDermott pool cues without sacrificing on quality, you should consider the McDermott Star Performance and Star Original cues. Produced under these separate brand names, they are still manufactured by McDermott and are considered a part of the overall company line. They are affordable and high quality, and you will be hard pressed to find more bang for your buck anywhere else.


Features and Benefits

The Star Performance and Star Original cues from McDermott are designed to improve your play on several different levels. They will help you get more spin on your shots, while at the same time reducing deflection.

They are built to last, and will provide a great, solid and accurate hit that you can't find with most other cues in this price range. Shafts are made from North American Grade AA maple, and by and large the forearms are made from hand selected birdseye maple.

Is There a Difference Between Star Performance and Star Original Cues?

Yes and no. In terms of performance, play, quality and price, there really isn't much of a difference between McDermott Star Performance and Star Original cues. They are constructed in the same way and use the same materials, and both bring the same benefits.

The difference between the two series then is really about aesthetics. The Star Original cues from McDermott are all different from one another, and almost all have a black butt cap with a red star (except for the Ebony and Ivory cues). Lots of dark, solid colors are used in their design.

In the Star Performance series, all of the cues feature similar color tones, designs and themes. They are all Native American influenced and really fit together as one set. Lots of naturally stained maple, turquoise, brown, black and orange are present in these cues and the butt caps are silver with no logo.

Take a look above to find some great deals on McDermott Star Performance cues and McDermott Star Original cues. They really provide a great value, and they are some of the best cheap pool cues you can find on the market today.