The Best Handcrafted Pool Cues

All McDermott cues are handcrafted pool cues, which means that each one is made individually and by hand, from skilled craftsmen, cue makers and artisans. What makes handcrafted pool cues stand out from other mass produced models? That's a great question, and I really can't stress enough that handcrafted cues are the way to go. Whether you are just interested in improving your game a little bit, or you want to be sporting a fine, high quality stick that draws eyes and attention.


One of the biggest ways that handcrafted pool cues stand out from their mass produced counterparts is in the quality of the stick itself. To begin with, McDermott is careful to only select fine woods and quality pieces. That means you're never going to get a pool stick that was made from a faulty piece of wood. It's just another way to ensure the quality of what you're playing with.


Handcrafted cues are going to be carefully constructed. When a cue is made individually and by hand, the time that is necessary can be taken to pay attention to every detail. What you get is a cue that is from top to bottom, tip to butt, is high quality. Things like having the joint be exactly flush and having the shaft perfectly straight and tapered. The grips will be smoothed and attached to perfection, allowing for maximum control and game play.


Having a stick that's 100% straight, solidly constructed - and is going to stay that way for the long haul - is a huge deal. Just because something looks like it's straight and designed well doesn't mean that it is. You really need that human touch, and the McDermott construction process is particularly detailed.


The shafts are all turned 11 times, and the wood for the butt is dried out multiple times, all to make sure that the stick comes out straight and stays solid and straight. If you've ever missed a shot that you thought you lined up well and struck properly, well, maybe the cue you were using wasn't as good as you thought. Pick up a McDermott pool cue and you'll see the difference in your game, guaranteed.


Another difference between handcrafted pool cues and their lesser cousins is the amazing look and unique feel of each and every one of them. You'll notice that nobody has a cue that's exactly the same as yours. It may be the same model and features all of the same high quality traits, but it won't be yours, and you'll be able to see that.


Handcrafted cues are painstakingly designed and the top models have world class cue artisans working on them. The result is amazing, beautiful inlays, made from top notch materials, and a pool cue that's really going to stand out from the pack. There is just no substitute for a handcrafted pool cue.


When you're looking for a fine pool cue, and you're not really sure what direction you want to go in, then you should look no further. Handcrafted pool cues are what you’ve been craving all along, and McDermott handcrafted cues are the best of the bunch.