McDermott Competitor Series Cues

The McDermott Competitor Series of pool cues has a lot to offer for those who are living within budget constraints. And honestly, all of us are. These are the best pool cues you are going to find for less than $200. The McDermott Competitor Series cues generally run between $100 and $200, making them great values. Sturdy, stylish and effective, the Competitor Series cues are great for people of any skill level.

A great thing about the Competitor Series is that there are tons of different options in terms of stain color and wrap. So you can pick a base model and then customize it from there to really enjoy a unique and self designed feel. There are many pre-designed color and wrap combinations of these McDermott cue models that provide a great jumping off point as well.

These pool sticks are made from North American hard rock maple. The woods are carefully chosen, and the sticks themselves are carefully handcrafted. They feature the top McDermott construction and staining methods to ensure high quality for an extremely long amount of time.

McDermott Competitor Series Highlights

The highlight of the McDermott Competitor Series has to be the McDermott Vintage cue stick. It features 6 German brass rings and 3 Italian pearl rings with 4 overlay points. It’s a classic light wood color with a nice black and brown wrap.

Another favorite of mine is the Super Genesis, specifically the Super Genesis Dark English. This stick is really classy and has an elegant vibe to it. The Dark English stain is used on several of the Competitor Series cues and it works excellently. Here it’s paired with an all black wrap to showcase an excellent design. In my opinion, this might be the best pool cue under $200 that you can find, anywhere.

I also really like the Tempo pool cues, which feature 3 checkerboard index rings. The Alpha II is as simple and straightforward as you can get. It features a solid, stained coating and only comes in 2 natural wood color choices. None of these sticks are bad, and the other models include the Genesis, Alpha Plus, Velocity and Velocity Plus. Pick and choose between different color schemes and designs.

There’s no better combination of price, simple beauty and great play on the market today than the McDermott Competitor Series pool cues.

McDermott Competitor Series Cues

  • Alpha II – American Cherry, Natural Walnut
  • Alpha PlusColorado Red, Dark English, Nighthawk Black, Pacific Blue
  • Genesis Colorado Red, Dark English, Nighthawk Black, Pacific Blue, Pink, Royal Purple, Titanium Grey
  • Super Genesis – Blue, Dark English, Grey
  • Tempo – Black, Dark English, Red
  • Velocity – Black, Blue
  • Velocity Plus – American Cherry, Black, Blue
  • Vintage

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