McDermott Cues of the Month Cue of the Month Series by McDermott

Every month, McDermott features a new Cue of the Month. The purpose of the McDermott Cue of the Month series is to showcase a new design, and create a special edition cue, or limited edition version of that cue.

The McDermott Cue of the Month limited edition cues will feature the month and the year on the sleeve. In this way you'll always be able to know when your stick was specially featured by McDermott.

Many of the cues have actually been designed with feedback from loyal customers and fans. The Cue of the Month series is really something that McDermott takes pride in, and it's another effort on the part of McDermott pool cues to connect with its customer base and allow them to provide valuable, and worthwhile feedback. The results come in the form of great, fresh new designs and the redesigns of old classics as well as the use of exotic woods, special inlays, materials and more.

There is no one common trait between these special edition cues. Each month features a new variation and can be completely different from the month before. Different woods will be showcased, ranging from cocobolo to zebrawood, rosewood to Birdseye maple and everything else imaginable.

Additionally, in some months McDermott will put out several special edition cues. For example, in January 2009 both the Tacoma and the Grande were featured. In July of 2008, the Vintage and the Raider were featured and in April of 2008 the Ebony and the Ivory were featured. However, most of the time only one limited edition cue makes an appearance at a time in the Cue of the Month series.

The great thing about the McDermott Cue of the Month selection is that they limit these cues in price. TheCue of the Month is supposed to be about the fans and the loyal customers and users of McDermott cues. Therefore, throwing out a new $2,000 cue every month would quickly price all of those people out of acquiring the cues they were seeking.

Therefore, the McDermott Cue of the Month series is typically limited to coming in at under $400 or $500. This is a great price range, where you get many of the features, bells and whistles of an intricately designed, expensive cue stick, and you get the affordability and accessibility of lower priced models.

The Cue of the Month series are all limited edition cues, but they can be played with every day. Since they are limited edition though, they will go up in value as they are continually sought out. Featuring the same sturdiness, consistency and dependability of all McDermott pool cues, these will stand up over the years and will remain perfectly straight, unscratched and ready to use and impress with.