McDermott 2009 Cue of the Year

The McDermott Cue of the year is always a special, big deal because these cues are some of the most breathtaking and gorgeous sticks you're going to find anywhere. Certainly the 2009 McDermott Cue of the Year isn't any different. There are two versions, the M99B which only had 50 sticks produced and the M99A which only had 250 produced. Both are members of the Elite Series, and both are absolutely fantastic sticks.

McDermott M99A Cue of the Year 2009

Made from high quality birdseye maple and green burl wood, taken from the McDermott Private Reserve, the McDermott M99A Cue of the Year is extremely unique. It comes standard with a McDermott I-Shaft and features an embossed Italian leather wrap.

Altogether there are over 160 inlays on the M99A. That includes 24 German brass inlays, 12 McDermott clover inlays and 18 green burl inlays. There are 12 points on the forearm, featuring ebony, ivory and green burl. There are also 12 German brass rings.

There is a stainless steel joint, and you'll find the signature of Jim McDermott on the forearm. It's numbered, and with only 250 you know it's a rare find and a special buy.

McDermott M99B Cue of the Year Special Edition

It seems like it would be hard to top the M99A, but the M99B is even more amazing and special. It features even more intricate patterns and starts with the same foundation of high quality craftsmanship and materials, adding more along the way.

You'll find the same black Italian leather embossed wrap, Jim McDermott signature on the forearm, and I-2 shaft. The joint is quick release stainless steel and the forearm and sleeve woods are the same green burl and birdseye maple.

On the M99B Cue of the Year special edition you'll find 12 nickel silver rings. There are over 150 inlays altogether. This includes 6 McDermott clovers, 30 pewter inlays, 6 green burl inlays and 36 abalone inlays. There are 12 points on the forearm, including 6 traditional starting from the wrap and 6 floating points in between those.

You can find a picture of the M99B on the header of this page, it's the black cue in the middle. It's a truly special cue, and with only 50 produced, you'll be in a prestigious class when you purchase on of them.

Take a look to find the McDermott 2009 Cue of the Year M99A and M99B on sale.