History of McDermott Cues

The first McDermott pool cues ever made were released in 1975. That first line featured ten different cues and served as the jumping off point for the famous McDermott cues brand. McDermott has since expanded immensely, and is one of the most recognized and sought after cues in the world. McDermott pool cues are highly desired both by collectors and players.

The full company name is McDermott Cue Manufacturing Inc., and they are located outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in the town of Menomonee Falls. The company was founded by its namesake, Jim McDermott. McDermott began to take shape after Jim, a cue repairman, teamed up with Rollie Welch, a cue craftsmen.

Together they would design and unleash their first series of cues about ten years after they first initially met and teamed up. McDermott cues are known for their precision craftsmanship and quality design, and these traits were instilled from the beginning of the company's inception.

The very first line of McDermott pool sticks featured the signature interchangeable weight bolt system in the bumper that the cues are still known for today. McDermott takes great care in handcrafting each and every one of their cues. The process includes over 150 steps, from hand selecting woods, to aging them in different moisture environments to carefully constructing them. This is possible due to their specialty designed facility that houses a variety of different climate controlled settings. McDermott has been in this facility since 1988.

Is McDermott Still Under Their Original Ownership?

No, the company is under a different ownership team. In 1994 Jim McDermott sold the company to several people, one of which was his son Jesse. The company has since passed hands again. But the dedication to quality and the sought after construction principles have remained true throughout.

Jim McDermott still remains involved in some operations of McDermott cues, such as the special edition Cue of the Year models. Additionally, there are several cue artisans who have been with the team for over 20 years, and continue their fine traditions and craftsmanship.

Update - In April of 2009, the McDermott cues company changed ownership. Greg Knight is now the owner along with some key management who remain from earlier times - Nat Rosasco, President and CEO and Larry Liebel, Executive Vice President who has been with the company for over 30 years - ensuring the smooth continuation of the quality McDermott tradition.

McDermott Cue Lineage

Those first ten cues are now known as the A Series, as the McDermott cues were chronologically named over their first ten years, going through a total of four different series. The A-line was originally known as the M/R Series and as mentioned, featured 10 cues.

In 1976 the B Series was introduced, which had six new cues added to the fold of the original A-line. Another four years later in 1980 the C Series was introduced, featuring 21 new cues. And in 1984 the D Serieswas unveiled, with 26 new cues. The E Series debuted in 1990 and lasted for the decade, featuring over 100 different cues. The M Series is the current stable of sticks, featuring tons of variety in price, design and construction.

There have been many special edition lines and series along the way, and the B, C and D lines have been discontinued due to different construction methods and varying materials. Today, McDermott makes many different sticks ranging from house cues for your local billiards' stock to the extremely customized and delicately detailed and designed Prestige and Elite series cues. Several billiards players have their own lines that they have helped design, and McDermott unveils limited edition cues of the month and cues of the year special series.

McDermott pool cues continue to be highly sought after and with their quality guarantees, special cue series', constant innovation and intricate designs, they will sure be around for decades and decades to come.