McDermott Elite Series Pool Cues

The McDermott Elite Series line of cues offers unmatched quality, artistic beauty and game play. They are fine, limited edition collector cues. Technically, the McDermott Cue of the Year falls into the Elite Series of cues as well, which should help give you an idea about how stellar all of these sticks really are. The Elite Series truly offers some of the best pool cues that you can get your hands on.

McDermott Elite Series Cues

Currently there are 15 different pool sticks in the McDermott Elite Series. Depending on what your price range is, and what you're looking for, you'll be able find the best pool cue you can dream up.

The McDermott Elite Series has a wide price range. You can find sticks as low as $700, and maybe cheaper than that if you get a deal. However the top of the line models extend well over $1,500 in cost. Depending on the price, your cue will come either with a McDermott I-Shaft or with the McDermott G-Core Shaft.

McDermott sets the barrier at under $900; anything less than that comes standard with the G-Core, and anything above comes standard with the Intimidator I-Shaft.

You have to respect McDermott cues for putting our their Cue for the Cure. This Elite series cue, one of the finest in the collection, has a portion of its proceeds donated to breast cancer research each and every time. Fittingly, it comes with an intricate pink ribbon design. It uses Birdseye maple on the forearm and the sleeve. It features 136 total inlays and comes with the I-Shaft.

One of the really slick offerings in this collection is the McDermott Navigator II. It features 8 European nickel silver rings, 104 total inlays and utilizes several kinds of wood including West African ebony and Mexican bacote. It's a dark and powerful pool cue, and comes with the G-Core shaft.

The McDermott Bridgeport technically shows up three times in the Elite Series. The first is the Bridgeport, which is one of the upper level models that comes with the I-shaft. Featuring 102 total inlays, 6 German brass rings and genuine Southwestern turquoise accents, the Bridgeport has a very southwestern feel to it. Adding to that is the use of Central American cocobolo wood, a beautiful deep, dark red wood.

The McDermott Bridgeport C and Bridgeport E feature the same overarching design as the upper tier Bridgeport. The Bridgeport E uses West African ebony and has inlays of BlueRiver agate. The Bridgeport C uses the fine Central American cocobolo wood as well as genuine Southwestern turquoise, like the Bridgeport. Both come with the G-Core shaft.

The McDermott Serpent is another favorite of mine. It features stunning East Indian rosewood, a dark purple colored wood and has flowing inlay designs of red and green ceramic, and box elder burl. There are 42 total inlays, as well as 2 German brass rings. The Serpent comes with the G-Core shaft.

Sometimes I think that the Sexton might be my favorite of them all! The Sexton comes with the I-Shaft and has a really understated elegance and beauty. It features dark, premium natural walnut-stained Birdseye maple. It has inlays with West African ebony, Alaskan abalone and pewter. The Sexton has 10

European nickel silver rings and 129 total inlays.

Without expounding on the details of each and every one of these fine collector cues, here is the complete list of McDermott Elite Series cues.

McDermott Elite Series Cues with the I-Shaft

  • Bridgeport
  • Cue for the Cure
  • Cue of the Year
  • El Diablo
  • Knight
  • Sexton

McDermott Elite Series Cues with the G-Core Shaft

  • Bridgeport C
  • Bridgeport E
  • Envy
  • Fortress
  • Navigator II
  • Sedona
  • Serpent
  • Valiant
  • Voyager

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