McDermott House Cues Cheap Pool Cues from McDermott

Most people don't associate McDermott pool cues with house cues. But it's true, McDermott actually does make a line of house cues. These cheap pool cues are great for stocking up your personal game room. Just because you need a handful of pool sticks and you need them at a cheap price, it doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice all forms of quality and craftsmanship.


The nice thing about these cheap McDermott cues is that they come in different sizes. This means that your children of different ages can all have a pool stick that finally is perfectly sized for them. Additionally, cues of different length come in handy when you are trying to fit in a pool table into a cramped space.


As is often the case, our houses and apartments just don't have enough room to setup a completely comfortable billiards hall. All too often you are lining up a shot and end up slamming the stick into the wall. Well, if you measure out the dimensions of your game room area appropriately, you can then match that up with a cheap pool cue that is perfectly sized for your space requirements.


There are five different sizes of cheap McDermott house cues. The pool sticks range from 36 inches to 57 inches in height. The five different measurements are: 36 inches, 42 inches, 48 inches, 52 inches and 57 inches.


Of course, if you want to give everybody else that plays at your home a cheap house cue and give yourself an added advantage that may go unnoticed, purchase a McDermott Hustler from the Tournament Series. Designed to look like a house cue, this guy can keep the odds stacked in your favor without giving away your advantage.


Scooping up some cheap pool cues of various sizes is a great way to get your own personal billiards room up and ready to go. These pool sticks for home won't disappoint and are a great way to save your wallet from taking a heavy hit. Kids will have pool sticks that fit them and your walls will be saved from unnecessary banging every time somebody takes a shot.


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