McDermott Special Edition Cues & Collector Cues

McDermott is famous for their vast selection of collector cues and special edition cues that touched a wide range of subjects. Ranging from specific themes, to the celebration of other brands and even celebrities, McDermott collector cues are broad in scope. They always appreciate in value and there's a McDermott special edition cue that is sure to meet your personal style. Here's an overview of the recent lines of McDermott special edition cues.

Wild Life Series

The McDermott Wild Life series was in production between 1987 and 1988. There were six different cues in the lineup, all of which of course had a theme with animals and nature. Each cue had its own theme, with some focusing on birds and flight and others more focused on trees, mountains or other animals such as moose.

The colors are very downplayed and natural, they prominently use dark, earthy tones and there is no "flash" to speak of. The McDermott Wild Life series is revered for its intricate depictions and its no nonsense, natural styling.

Harley Davidson Series

The McDermott Harley Davidson cues have been produced since 1988 with the most recent models being made in 2007. There were 25 cues all together made under the McDermott Harley Davidson line in this period, and there was a wide array of exotic woods, bright colors and eye catching designs displayed. The early sticks from the McDermott H-D line have appreciated in value several hundred percent, making the rest of the series great investments for the future as well.

The classic Harley Davidson logos and text is displayed prominently on most of the cues, and many of them feature black forearms and sleeves. Some have specific themes, such as the 100 year Harley Davidson celebration, while others are more generic. The limited edition models that were released all feature intricate inlays and points using exotic materials.

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McDermott Jack Daniels Series

McDermott released two Jack Daniels pool sticks in 2007. These were the JD30 Jack Daniels Collectors and the JD04 Jack Daniels Ol' Number 7. The JD30 was mostly dark brown, with a large Jack Daniels logo on the wrap area and white inlays down the forearm. The JD04 was mostly black, with an image of the classic label on the sleeve and another picture on the forearm.

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McDermott Tournament of Champions

The McDermott Tournament of Champions cues, or McDermott TC series, featured two different cues that tied in with the McDermott National 9 Ball Tour of the mid 1990s. The cues were produced between 1993 and 1996 and the winners of the tournaments received as their prize one of these two sticks.

The TC1 has a white sleeve which has green Roman laurel crowns or wreaths on it. The forearm features black and white points. The TC2 features an iconic royal crown symbol in white on the sleeve, as well as a black, white and purple color scheme.

McDermott Legends Series

The McDermott Legends Series was a brief line of special edition cues that were released between 1993 and 1994. There were only two sticks in the line, each one dedicated to a major icon from generations prior. The first was the LGD-1 Elvis Presley and the all black cue featured a facial picture of the King on the sleeve and a full body portrait on the forearm. The LGD-2 Marilyn Monroe featured a similar design but of course with a sexy Monroe in a red dress as opposed to Elvis in his classic performance attire.

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As you can see there have been quite a few McDermott special edition series and McDermott collectible cues in the past two decades, and surely there will be more in the works for the future.