What Makes McDermott Pool Cues Special?

What makes McDermott pool cues stand out from other brands? That's a good question and it actually has many different answers. That's because there's no one single feature that makes a McDermott pool cue better than any other. It's a host of different techniques, materials and qualities that combine together to form a singular greatness that any billiards player in any billiards hall around the world can enjoy and appreciate.


McDermott hand selects all of the wood they use in each and every one of their pool sticks. This ensures high quality and consistency, and the selection process is rigorous. Many of the shafts are made from North American Hard Rock Maple, while fine, exotic woods are offered on a variety of pool sticks as well.

Pool Cue Construction by SMcCandlish, Creative Commons Attribution License

Wood for the butt of the stick are aged for up to 2 years (generally between 18 months and 24 months) and are also carefully selected, although from a far broader variety of different woods than the shafts. The wood is stored and machined three times, which drains every drip of moisture from the wood, producing long lasting, straight sticks.

The tips on McDermott pool cues are made from special types of leather that have been carefully treated to help a player received maximum control over the cue ball.

The wraps consist of imported Irish linen which is handled in just the right way to provide a smooth grip to help you play better, while also keeping the cue itself moisture free and out of harms way.

Construction Process

The shafts, which as mentioned are all made from a specific type of maple, undergo a kiln drying process before being turned 11 times to impart a perfect feel and a straight touch. The wood for the butt is dried three times as mentioned above, to ensure absolute straightness.

McDermott pool cues use a wood on wood joint. The joint of a stick is designed to absorb impact and distribute consistent force, while keeping the separate shaft and butt pieces dry and well maintained. The "Impact Control Ring", the specific collar used by McDermott, helps with this as well.

McDermott uses what they call their "Tri-Core" construction process to deliver straightness for years and years in each cue they make. They handcraft all of their cues and use pinpoint precision and accuracy at every step and at every detail.

The bumper uses the McDermott interchangeable weight bolt system, which gives the player maximum control and balance. The ferrule is designed in such a way as to provide direct contact with the shaft and the tip, which gives you greater insight into how you are striking the cue ball and how to adjust, while also ensuring great control.

Finally, McDermott pool cues undergo a hand staining process, known for delivering exceptional and consistent color. The entire stick is then protected with multiple coatings of an ultra high luster urethane, which provides maximum protection against scratches.

For more details on the construction process of McDermott cues, you can visit their official homepage, from which much of this information was gathered.

All of these steps, and many others, help give the distinctive quality that McDermott cues are known for. Every measure is taken not just to provide a good looking and stylish pool cue, but more importantly to provide a stick that can help your game. Only the best materials and processes are used for McDermott pool cues, and they incorporate industry leading technologies and designs that produce consistent, great results.