McDermott Pool Cues for Sale

Welcome to the store listings of the McDermott Pool Cues Guide & Fan Site. Here you will be able to browse all of the current selection of pool sticks that we can find. By default, you'll see items that are ending the soonest first. You can change this to view by other criteria, and you can search the listings to find the exact model, name or series you are looking for.


I want to make your browsing experience as smooth and easy as possible. That's why I suggest you either visit one of the store pages that lists McDermott cues by price, or you search for the specific model or series you are looking for.

For example, if you were looking for a McDermott Dubliner, search for "Dubliner" in the search box to the right. Instantly you'll get a listing of all Dubliner pool sticks available for purchase.

You can also check out all of our other store pages, including ones dedicated to specific price ranges, specific series and specific models and features. In this way you should be able to easily find the exact McDermott billiards cue that you're looking for.

Why Buy McDermott Pool Cues?

I believe that McDermott pool cues are some of the best in the world. They offer such a variety of different models and designs. They fit into just about anybody's budget and style and they play great. McDermott cues are renowned for their precision craftsmanship and their use of the finest woods and inlay materials.

McDermott Cues with a list price of between $300 and $900 come with the G-Core Shaft standard. McDermott Cues above that in list price come with the Intimidator I-Shaft. These shafts can also be purchased separately, and both offer amazing performance and versatility.

McDermott pool cues are great values and are in my opinion, the best pool cues on the market. You'll be able to improve your performance at the table, and you'll also do so while making a statement. With hundreds of different pool cues in their collection, McDermott offers something for everybody.

McDermott has a huge selection of collector cues and also makes custom cues as well. If you need more information about any of the McDermott pool stick series', then please read our guide pages that you can find in the navigation.

McDermott pool cues are great investments for anybody - from experienced hustlers and sharks, to novice players and collectors alike, McDermott cues are the top of the line.
So please feel free to browse around the selection above and find a discount McDermott pool cue on sale that's perfect for you, your style and your budget.