McDermott Prestige Series Collector Cues

The McDermott Prestige Series is the top of the line from McDermott cues. The Prestige Series are limited edition pool cues and collector cues only released in small numbers for public sales. There is no finer handcrafted pool cue in the world. You'll really be working with an absolutely premier pool cue, one of the best pool cues on the planet. They look beautiful and classy, and are as much moving pieces of art as they are precision pool cues.

Currently, there are three different McDermott cues in the Prestige series. All were limited in production to 100 cues. All McDermott Prestige cues feature a top-grain, lizard embossed, blackleather wrap. All utilize the McDermott I-Shaft.

McDermott Prestige II: The McDermott Prestige II uses premium American cherry-stained Birdseye maple. It features 53 total inlays, including 18 South American purpleheart, German brass and Michigan maple inlays on the sleeve. The Prestige II also has a 24K gold ring and medallion.

McDermott Prestige III: The Prestige III uses premium natural Birdseye maple. Also used is Mexican bacote wood. Fine design elements include blue sapphire points, West African ebony and white gold engraved medallions. There are 84 inlays altogether, including 60 on the forearm and 24 inlays utilizing West African ebony and recon mother of pearl.

McDermott Prestige IV: The McDermott Prestige IV uses the finest hand selected woods including curly maple from the U.S. northwest and Mexican bacote. There are 32 mother of pearl inlays, and 116 inlays all together. Some of the other fine decorative elements include West African ebony, box elder burl and East Indian rosewood. The Prestige IV features 24K gold rings and German brass.

McDermott is planning on launching another stick in the Prestige Series in the summer of 2009. Dubbed, at least for now, the MaasterPiece1, McDermott seems to want to take this one to a whole new level. The price listed? So far, it's $6,500. Stay tuned for more details on the latest Prestige Series cues from McDermott.

Buying a McDermott Prestige Series Cue

How much do these McDermott pool cues cost? Well, you better be hustling hard at the table, or be keeping a lot of cash under the mattress. The McDermott Prestige Series cues easily run over $2,500. However, the manufacturer suggested price on these pool sticks often ranges closer to $4,000.

There is only a limited number of these cues, so they are in high demand. They are instant collectibles, the best pool cues you can find around, the absolute finest collector cues you can find from any brand, anywhere.

If you're lucky you may be able to find a bargain on one of the McDermott Prestiage limited edition cues.