McDermott Professional Series Cues

The McDermott Professional Series cues are the perfect blend of design and usability. These McDermott pool sticks aren't going to be priced out of your range. Yet, they are still going to come with the great handcrafted quality that all McDermott cues are known for, outstanding materials and eye catching design.

The Professional Series collection is the perfect stop for the serious billiards player that wants to keep on improving their game and wants to be taken as a serious player who cares about what he's using. But again, you won't need to spend an exorbitant amount to get one of these beautiful pool sticks. This makes them great for beginner and aspiring players as well.

All the McDermott Professional Series cues come with the G-Core shaft. The G-Core shaft utilizes a triple layer of wood, carbon fiber and wood to minimize distortion and increase stability, accuracy and stick longevity. The G-Core shaft alone can make the Professional Series cues worthwhile.

McDermott Professional Series Highlights

I really like a lot of the McDermott pool sticks that fall into this selection. Two of my favorites are the famous McDermott gecko cues, the Indian Gecko and the African Gecko. Both feature a crawling gecko icon on two spots, on the sleeve and on the forearm.

The Africa Gecko features a recon ebony gecko inlay and uses West African Zebrawood, a fine, light colored wood. The Indian Gecko has a green gecko made from recon stone and uses East Indian Rosewood. East Indian Rosewood is phenomenal, it's a brilliant dark hue of red and brown that really makes any pool stick that uses it stand out. Both use a black Irish Linen wrap with walnut interlaced.

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Keeping with this tradition is the Spalted Dart Frog cue. This cue uses spalted maple on the forearm and sleeve and has a box elder burl and green urethane dart frog inlay. The Spalted Dart Frog cues were originally special edition cues, and are now in the Professional Series in a slightly toned down version. Features a black and brown Irish Linen wrap.

The Rose Professional Series cue has a fantastic rose on the sleeve, made from 8 box elder red and dymondwood inlays. The Rose features 20 total inlays and 2 dymondwood rings. It uses premium American Cherry-stained Birdseye maple. The Irish Linen wrap is black interlaced with green, which combined with the rose inlays make this an exquisite and unique McDermott pool stick.

A favorite from the McDermott Professional Series has to be the D-26 Retro. This is a really special pool cue, designed from the original D-26 McDermott cue. The D26 Retro features a Birdseye maple forearm and a recon ebony sleeve. There are 4 recon ebony points and a total of 122 inlays. The beautiful, dark ebony combined with the light Birdseye maple provides great contrast and beauty.

The Lucky 7 McDermott Professional Series cue is the perfect cue to make a statement with. Using Birdseye maple on the forearm and sleeve stained a brilliant ruby red color, the Lucky 7 can really turn heads. It features 2 dice on the sleeve, rolled with a 2 and a 5 and features dice on the forearm as well. The Irish Linen wrap is black interlaced with red, which plays off the ruby red Birdseye maple excellently. This cue features 45 total inlays, including the 18 recon ebony and ivory inlays which encompass the dice on the sleeve.

Entire McDermott Professional Series Cue Selection

  • African Gecko
  • Arizona
  • Blade
  • Classic
  • Cutlass
  • D-26 Retro
  • Dragon
  • Dubliner
  • Emerald Spear
  • Force
  • Gentry
  • Indian Gecko
  • Lance
  • Lucky 7
  • New Mexico
  • Parliament
  • Red Dubliner
  • Ring
  • Rose
  • Spalted Dart Frog
  • Summit
  • Sunrise
  • Sword
  • Tucson
  • Tucson II
  • Warden
  • Windsor