McDermott G-Core Shafts for Sale

The McDermott shaft that comes standard on all McDermott cues priced from about $300-$900 is the McDermott G-Core shaft. The McDermott G-Core shaft is not your typical pool cue shaft. These shafts are designed to be technologically superior than their counterparts, and their a big reason for the popularity of McDermott pool cues by billiards players around the globe.

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McDermott G-Core Shaft Benefits and Features

McDermott has always been known for innovating and staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. In many ways, the McDermott shafts dubbed "G-Core shafts" by McDermott are the result of that innovation, research and development. Using these shafts you're going to see increased stability, control and longevity from your pool cue.

How does the McDermott G-Core shaft pull this off? They use a unique triple core design within the shaft. This is designed to minimize vibrations, add accuracy and control to your shots and help the shaft hold up for an extremely long time.

The triple layer core of McDermott shafts is wood, carbon fiber and then wood. The carbon fiber actually extends all the way through the length of the shaft and up into the ferrule. That enforces the strength of the ferrule, and enables you to get more feedback from each and every shot. You'll be able to control your shots like never before, and make quick adjustments.

McDermott shafts use Everest layered tips from Tiger. These tips are designed to give you the best of all possible scenarios. You'll see great control and accuracy, great action and touch on your shots, minimized cue deflection and easy to read feedback off of your shots.

The G-Core shaft features a professional taper and a standard 29 inch shaft length. It features a tip diameter between 11.75 and 13.5 mm and is made from North American Hard Rock Maple.

Using the McDermott G-Core shaft you're going to have much more stability than you would have with a typical shaft. The folks from McDermott cues say 65% more stability than with other shafts. You're going to have superior radial consistency. Consistency and longevity are both key to anybody who likes to shoot stick, and these McDermott shafts were designed to provide both.

As mentioned, the G-Core McDermott shafts come standard with many of their cues. They come standard with any cue with an original listed price between $300 and $899. They can also be purchased separately and used with other McDermott cues and other brands.

In addition to the G-Core shafts, McDermott also produces the Intimidator I-Shaft series, with 3 different models each designed to enhance one crucial aspect of your game. The technology and capabilities of McDermott shafts, including the standard McDermott G-Core shaft is a large reason that these cues are so respected and widely used.

Browse around above to find some great deals and discounts on McDermott G-Core shafts for sale. You'll love how your game is improved as you use a McDermott G-Core shaft on your favorite cue.