McDermott Intimidator Shafts - The McDermott I-Shaft

McDermott shafts are some of the most popular of any brand, and it's largely due to their I-Shaft technology. The McDermott I-Shaft, or the McDermott Intimidator Shaft, utilizes a unique blend of materials, construction and design that combine to raise your game to a higher level. Yes, using a McDermott shaft like one of these can lift your ability all by itself. Browse below for great bargains on McDermott Intimidator Shafts and more information about their features, benefits and specifications.

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McDermott Intimidator I-Shaft Benefits and Features

How does the McDermott I-Shaft work? At the key is a vibration dampener technique they dub "The Isolator" that takes away all open air spaces within the core of the shaft. With less air spaces, there can be less unwieldy vibrations, which gives you more stability when using your cue, and therefore greater control.

The carbon fiber shaft core is built to last over the long haul, and has a lifetime warranty against warping. Bottom line, you're always going to have a perfectly straight shaft on your cue stick. You'll enjoy increased accuracy and control over the long haul with the McDermott shaft technology.

The Intimidator I-Shafts have unmatched radial consistency. You'll get the same feel each time out, and it won't ever start to suffer from wear and tear. The I-shafts promise up to 40% decreased cue ball deflection, a shaft that's 35% more balanced and utilizes technology to provide a 65% more efficient transfer of energy.

McDermott shafts are designed to be used on a huge variety of different brands. That means even if you don't have a McDermott cue, you can use a McDermott shaft and attach it onto your own stick. They have a variety of different joint options that are available to choose from, each designed to work with various different joint styles and brands.

Since McDermott shaft technology is so superior, players frequently use their shafts on different cue brands. These shafts can be added onto different sticks, but they also come standard with McDermott pool cues over $900 in original listed price.

Types of McDermott I-Shafts

The McDermott I-Shaft actually comes in three different models: the I-Shaft 1, I-Shaft 2 and I-Shaft 3. Let's take a look at each of these McDermott shafts to see what they're designed for and how they differ from each other. Each one is specifically tailored to emphasize and dramatically improve one aspect of your game, either power, control or feel. Any of the Intimidator I-Shafts will improve all three components, but each one really hones in on one trait specifically.

McDermott I-Shaft 1: The I-Shaft 1 is designed for "Super Power". It features a standard 29 inch shaft length, and a 6-8" traditional taper. The tip is a Moori Quick tip, with a 13 mm diameter. It's great to use when you're on a slower table or when you want maximum force when you're breaking. You'll see more power and more speed on every shot, and your accuracy won't suffer as a result.

McDermott I-Shaft 2: The I-Shaft 2 is designed for "Super Control". The I-Shaft uses a Moori Medium tip with a 12.75 mm diameter. It has a 10-12" professional taper and a 29 inch standard shaft length. You're going to be able to shoot anywhere on the table and enjoy a maximum amount of control. Designed to be used on medium to fast tables, you'll have consistent and complete accuracy.

McDermott I-Shaft 3: The I-Shaft 3 is for "Super Feel". It features a Moori Soft tip with a 11.75 mm diameter. The I-Shaft 3 has a European taper and a 29 inch standard shaft length. You'll have the highest amount of deflection reduction and will have amazing spin, finesse and touch. Designed for use on fast tables, you'll be able to get great action on your shots in any situation.

The whole concept of the McDermott I-Shafts is that no one shaft is right for everybody. Different people shoot in different ways, and have different strengths or weaknesses. Additionally, different situations can call for different capabilities. You may find yourself at a faster or a slower table, or you may like to have maximum control over your game and break with a different shaft than you shoot with for the rest of the game.

The Intimidator I-Shaft brand of McDermott shafts is hard to beat, and you can really maximize your game and improve upon it by using one. McDermott Intimidator shafts can be purchased separately, as mentioned, and attached to your current pool cue, whether it's a McDermott cue or otherwise.

You can also find McDermott G-Core shafts for sale here on the site. So browse around above to find some great discounts on each of the McDermott Intimidator I-Shafts, you'll love the improved performance they offer and the customized approach each brings.