McDermott Tournament Series Cues

When you purchase a McDermott Tournament Series cue, you are getting style and craftsmanship that you won’t be able to match elsewhere for a similar price. These McDermott pool cues are affordable, with every stick coming it at under $300.

These cues can be used around your local billiards hall and used for day to day practice and competition. They are sturdy enough to be used for a long time, stylish enough to make yourself stand out and come with all of the performance incentives of other McDermott cue sticks. However, this is the best line of McDermott pool cues that does not come with the G-Core shaft. The G-Core shaft, as well as the I-Shaft, are reserved for McDermott cues in a higher price range.

McDermott Tournament Series Cues Features and Highlights

The Tournament Series pool sticks generally are made from North American hard rock maple for both the forearm and the sleeve. High quality stains and protective coatings are applied, providing both superior beauty and superior longevity. These pool cues come with genuine Irish linen wraps and the McDermott Impact Control Ring, designed to enhance your feel and control.

The top of the Tournament Series and a personal favorite is the McDermott Hustler. The Hustler isn’t flashy, from a distance it could just be a house cue. But on closer inspection, it has a wood to wood joint with brass inserted for extra strength and straightness. It is made from Michigan maple and other premium hard woods. With its wood on wood coloring and 4 traditional spliced points, you’ll be hustling everybody in the room with this cue.

McDermott also continues their tradition of charity with the HeartbreakerPink. This stick features metallic pink paint and the classic McDermott heartbreaker look, with a heat wrapped in barbwire and the word Breaker written down the forearm. They donate proceeds from this cue towards a breast cancer research foundation.

The McDermott Raider is extremely cheap and makes for a great entry into the world of fine, handcrafted pool cues. A black Irish Linen wrap with silver speckling, 10 nickel silver rings and 4 silver overlay points on a crisp, black surface make this a sleek and stylish pool stick.

The McDermott Tournament Series features a handful of cues with different animals or figures on the forearm and sleeve. These include the White Rose, the White Wolf, the Panther, the Eagle, the Spirit of America which has an eagle over an American flag and the Lil Guy II, featuring McDermott’s funny little elfish mascot.

Complete McDermott Tournament Series

  • Eagle
  • Genesis EXZ+, Genesis EXP+
  • Grande
  • Hearbreaker II, HeartbreakerPink
  • Hustler
  • Lil Guy II
  • Panther
  • Pearl Plus Arctic Blue, Pearl Plus Mars Red, Pearl Plus Black Opal
  • Raider
  • Spirit of America
  • Super Pearl Blue, Super Pearl Black, Super Pearl White
  • Tacoma
  • White Rose
  • White Wolf

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