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When it comes to picking out the perfect billiard cue cases, you have a lot of things to consider. The decision is quite important as well, because you want to protect the investment you made into your pool stick. Of course, you also want to find one of the hard pool cue cases or leather pool cue cases that looks great as well. (Continued below).

Pro Series Cue Case Brown Ostrich Embossed 31 X 2.5 & Sport Craft Pool Stick

Pro Series Cue Case Brown Ostrich Embossed 31 X 2.5 & Sport Craft Pool Stick

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Choosing Between Billiard Cue Cases

Ask yourself these questions when you have to choose between any variety of billiard cue cases:

  • How many sticks do you have? - You need to know how many sticks you have and how many you'll be bringing with you to the hall or the competition. Cases come in a variety of sizes from singles to 2x2, 2x4, 4x4 and other various sizes as well.
  • How much are you willing to spend? Leather pool cue cases are going to be more expensive than hard pool cue cases, but of course they are more stylish as well. For many people, leather is the ultimate option. But other people would prefer to save their money and purchase something from a different material. Additionally, custom pool cue cases can be made that match your cue, your style and your price range.
  • What kind of stick do you have? If you have a custom pool cue or a cue that doesn't break apart in typical sizes, you may have trouble finding a matching case. Additionally, you may want to trust the brand who made your cue and buy a case from them since they are likely to understand the needs of that particular kind of cue better than anybody else.

Ultimately, there is no one perfect kind of case. The best billiard cue cases are the ones that match up with your price range, your cue selection and your style. For many people this means leather pool cue cases, for others, hard pool cue cases that offer maximum protection are ideal.