Recently Retired McDermott Cue Series

Just because a cue is retired, does not necessarily make it vintage in my opinion. That's why I'm taking this space to talk about recent retired McDermott pool cues, namely the massive E series and the RS series. These McDermott sticks are no longer manufactured but considering how recently they were, I think they need to be discussed differently.


McDermott E Series 1990-1999


The McDermott E Series was the main line of McDermott sticks for the entire 1990s. There were over 100 cues all together, and they were broken up into individual series labeled from EA up to EN (excluding EE). The popularity and value of these cues varied greatly. For example, the McDermott EB Series was in production all the way until 2001. Meanwhile, many other cues only last for brief two year stint.


The most valuable and exclusive of the lot was the EM Series, or the Masterpiece series, all of which featured the same stainless steel Masterpiece joint. There were some 20 or so of these cues, but they were all based from the same materials and all offered at $2,000. Each model within the series had a few different sub-models, each of which featured the same inlays, but used different colors and materials. These were very intricate, high quality sticks.


The EL Series was based on animals, with a wolf, tiger, eagle, snake, owl and deer cue. Meanwhile the EJ series featured various softly colored designs, including some wildlife but also including a teddy bear and a hot air balloon.


The EI Series had transferred drawings on both the sleeve and he forearm based on themes. One had a racked set of pool balls on the sleeve and a player lining up a shot on the forearm. Another had a bald eagle with two American flags on the sleeve and various images of American military vehicles such as tanks, planes and a ship on the forearm. The EH Series also had designs on the sleeves, including two with pool balls.


One of the flops of the series came from the McDermott EC line, which featured bright neon forearms and sleeves with black joints, butts and wraps.


McDermott RS Series 1995-1998


The RS Series was a small edition of sticks dubbed the Revival Series, or RS for short. These cues were designed to pay homage to some earlier designs and styles. While beautifully constructed and visually appealing, they aren't very flashy. There are no bright colorings or intense designs.


Earthy, dark colors are combined with long, sharp forearm points. Brown, tan, black and white are the only colors used on the sticks. However, a wide variety of exotic, handpicked woods were used in their construction, including cocobolo, tulipwood and Birdseye Maple.


The cues feature Irish linen or leather wraps. There were 13 sticks in this line altogether, with the two premier models, the RS12 and RS13 featuring the stainless steel Masterpiece Joint.


On another note, the current line of McDermott cues is the McDermott M Series. The M Series encompasses every level of cue they have out right now, from the Competitor Series all the way up to the Prestige Series, as well as everything in between. There are also many M series cue sticks that have already been retired.


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