McDermott Star Original Cues Star Pool Cues by McDermott

The Star Original cues line by McDermott is essentially a separate brand from the main line of McDermott cues. The Star Pool Cues line is designed as a cheap alternative to some of the more expensive McDermott pool sticks, while still providing the same great quality and creative design.

Features of the Star Original Pool Cues

The line of Star Original cues from McDermott is designed to provide accurate shooting at an affordable price. It's the reason these cues have become so popular with people that don't want to spend a fortune on a pool cue but want great results.

Using one of these sticks you should notice that you have reduced deflection thanks to the construction of the cue. The cues are also perfectly straight and will stay that way. These sticks are designed to last for the long haul. Each and every shot will be solid and you'll enjoy greater feel and spin.

The shafts of the Star Pool Cues are made from Grade AA North American Maple. The joints are wood to wood and all come with an Irish Linen wrap that matches the design of that particular cue. The butt is made from either Birdseye maple or other exotic woods depending on the cue.

Star Original Pool Cues Line from McDermott

One of my favorites in this series is the Razor pool cue. The Razor features a bright red forearm and sleeve. The Irish Linen wrap is black with white speckling. On the sleeve and the forearm are some barbwire type designs. There are also pointed black overlays on the forearm and other sharp, cutting designs.

Another favorite from the Star Cues series is the Lobo pool cue. The Lobo Star Cue features a wolf howling at a full moon on the sleeve. The forearm is black with brown footprints of the wolf traversing the sides with a sliver moon at the top. The Irish Linen wrap is black with white interlaced.

The Lizard Jump cue is a bit separate from the rest of the Star Original cues. As the name implies it is a jump cue. It does not have an Irish Linen wrap and the entire butt is black. It features one large green lizard going down nearly the entire length of the butt.

There are several pairs of cues in this series that are alternations of one another. The Ebony and Ivory are basically a set and come for the same price. Both feature a similar pointed overlay design and are prominently black and white. Obviously the Ivory is more white and the Ebony is more black. Both come with a black and white Irish Linen wrap.

Another pair is Blush and Lightning. Both have a solid black sleeve and a black and white wrap. The Blush pool cue has a pink forearm with black overlay points. The Lightning features a bright blue forearm white black and white designs.

Star Original Pool Cues are listed as being between $80 and $180, but prices off come down at retailers and in auctions. All together there are 15 different sticks in the McDermott Star Original cues line. The complete line of McDermott Star Original Pool Cues is as follows:

  • Authority
  • Blush
  • Destroyer
  • Ebony
  • Energy Arctic Pearl
  • Energy Cobalt Pearl
  • Energy Midnight Pearl
  • Energy Raven Pearl
  • Heat
  • Ivory
  • Lightning
  • Lizard Jump Cue
  • Lobo
  • Punisher
  • Razor

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