Star Performance Pool Cues by McDermott

Star Performance Pool Cues are part of the Star brand that is produced by McDermott. While these cues are manufactured and designed by McDermott they subsist as a completely separate brand. The elements that hold constant between them is high quality and a top level design. The Star Performance Cues though are designed specifically to be affordable and accessible for the average billiards player.

The Star Performance cues line is made to be superior than the typical pool stick you can get in this price range. These cues cost between $100 and $180 but still manage to provide reduced deflection, increased spin and overall improved performance. You'll see accurate shots, you'll get a solid hit on every shot you take and you'll enjoy more touch, feel and control.

Difference Between Star Original Cues and Star Performance Cues

The Star Performance line has some differences between the Star Original series, although most are superficial. The Star Original series for example features a red star on the sleeve as the trademark. The Star Performance series has a small logo on the top of the forearm.

The entire line of Star Performance cues seem to be designed as one set. For the most part they feature a similar style and mesh together well. This is opposed to the Star Original series which are each individually designed and separate from one another.

The forearm and sleeve wood on most of the cues (some do have darker woods) in this line is a light and naturally stained Birdseye maple and the shafts are all Grade AA North American Maple. The sleeves and the forearm feature light colors such as white and turquoise. The entire line is very Native American and southwestern influenced.

Star Performance Cue Favorites

The one pool stick in this line that really stands out from the others as being different is the Star Performance Kinetic. The sleeve is a dark and rich reddish brown. The wrap is a solid black. The pointed overlay design on the forearm features brown, orange and green. It's a very unique design and it stands apart from the lighter colors and more consistent vibe of the rest of the series.

The Star Performance Extreme is prominently white and red. The Irish Linen wrap is white with red speckling interlaced. The sleeve has an overlay with white, red and black points. The forearm features a similar pointed design with white, red and black.

Another stick I really like in this line is the Star Performance Conquest. The Conquest features a lot of turquoise coloring. The turquoise is marbled with black and appears on the sleeve and the forearm. The sleeve features a diamond design with the turquoise and black, along with a natural wood color and the white. The forearm extends the design into points.

Full Star Performance Cues by McDermott Line

There are a total of 12 different cues in the Star Performance line:

  • Alias
  • Ambush
  • Conquest
  • Extreme
  • Instinct
  • Kinetic
  • Premier
  • Storm
  • Tremor
  • Triumph
  • Vanquish
  • Vertex

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