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Vintage McDermott cues are extremely popular amongst collectors today. Just as new models of McDermott sticks continue to be produced and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and what high quality should mean, the collector cues from their past maintain as bold symbols of their previous endeavors. McDermott collector cues consist of their now retired former lines of sticks.


As a whole, they have gone up in a value a great deal over the years. Some series are more popular for collectors than others, for example the C and D series seem to be particularly beloved. Meanwhile, finding an original MR series (A series) McDermott cue is an extremely rare find. Here is an overview of the retired vintage McDermott sticks.


McDermott MR Series A Series: 1975-1976


This is where it all began, the original McDermott MR series cue sticks. The series has since been dubbed the A series, to fall in line with the following series in proper order. The official name however remains as the MR series. There were 10 different cues altogether in this line, all of which came standard with a nylon wrap. The cues were made from Birdseye maple and East Indian rosewood.


The McDermott MR series featured colored bumpers which matched the colors on the butt of the cue. The joints were also decorated, which was a new concept at the time. These cues are very rare to find today and have skyrocketed in value many times over.


McDermott B Series: 1976-1979


The McDermott B Series included a total of 16 different sticks. The B1-B10 models featured nylon as the standard wrap while the B11-B16 models came with Irish linen and leather. The B11 and up models also had large, distinct points down their forearms. Some of the cues had pastel colors while others stuck with darker, earthier tones and colors. The B series debuted the ability for interchangeable weight control via the butt of the cue.


Many different exotic woods were used with these vintage McDermott cues. This includes East Indian rosewood, ebony, walnut and many other varieties. The joints and sleeves featured intricate design work. These cues were sold at between $40 and $220 and now can be found for between $400 and $1,500.


McDermott C Series: 1980-1984


The vintage McDermott C series collector cues are highly valued today and are collected by many billiards connoisseurs. The C series really raised the bar in terms of artistic and design qualities. The same craftsmanship was present, but the line was expanded and diversified. The C series included a total of 21 cue sticks, some of which are worth in the range of $2,000 today.


Different sticks played with different colors and designs, including bright blues and reds. But the upper echelon sticks from this series focused with black and white, using lots of contrast and eye catching lines while using a light wood. The color was worked in just in the points or on the sleeves with many of these models. Starting from the C16 and above, these McDermott collector cues all featured a white design within the base of their colored points on the forearm.


McDermott D Series: 1984-1990


The McDermott D series remains today as some of the most popular cues that they have produced. The styling of these cues is classic and isn't too flashy, this is in contrast to the preceding C series which featured a lot of very busy cues. Most of these sticks featured more solids with thick, distinct shapes and lines. The D1-D10 sticks did not feature points down the forearm, and neither did the top level D24, D25 and D26 cue sticks.


There were 26 total sticks in the vintage McDermott D series. A diverse collection of woods was used, from cocobolo to rosewood to bubinga and ebony. The McDermott D Line sticks were notably featured prominently in The Color of Money. The original series was sold for between $100 and $600, while several in the series are now worth over $1,000.


In my opinion the main production lines newer than the D series have not yet progressed into "vintage" billiards category. That being said, the E series, an extremely wide and diverse line has many collector cues within it and McDermott released a variety of special limited edition lines.


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